njury can only be so, and as for the wounded soldier, he can still live a name, and see if he can sneak past. … Under the city of Nishapur, the battle report was sent back one step before the firearms camp returned to the camp. Yue Fei saw the number of casualties in the battle report, and he was not shocked at all, but Zhu Wu, who was the right army division of the army, smiled. Especially to hear Arslan After the confidant had returned, he left the army center with a smile and Shi Xiangran rushed to the camp of the flower scorpion. “There are only fifty or sixty people in the dead, and there are fewer than one hundred injured?” Arslan looked at the confidant in front of him, and his eyes were full of incredulity. Five hundred muskets battled the three thousand Seljuk cavalry, and they only paid such a small price. They also killed several times the enemy. Is this the Arabian Nights of the Arabian Nights? If the person in front of him is not his cronies, Arslan can be sure that he will not betray himself, he must cut a knife and hack. Stupid fools? “My dear Sir, how can I deceive you? The Chinese have died so many, fifty or sixty, maybe even less than fifty. And they killed at least three hundred rides, no, four. Hundreds of rides. I can swear to the Buddha!” ??The cronies also know that what they said is somewhat ridiculous, but this is true. After a while, the firearmsmen will return to the camp. How many people are left at the time, and how many people have died and are at a glance. “How can a musket have such a large combat power?” Arslan already believed this fact in his heart, but he really couldn’t believe it. Zhu Wu turned two white jade balls in his hands. The whole person is not like a military officer of the army, but more like looking for the grandfather of Arslan. There is a calm atmosphere in the body. “How does Yinxian think of the musket? The soldiers have fewer enemies, more than 52 deaths and injuries, and more than 400 enemy squads. Is the weapon of the firepower comparable to the bow and ar

can still save! Li Song turned his attention to Wang Yang. Wang Yang came forward with great enthusiasm and spoke in Li Song’s crying eyes. “Senior brother, I believe that the younger sister, a LCD screen, we will succeed! After that, I also held a fist to Li Song to show encouragement. Listening to this wave of chicken soup Li Song is completely numb, what is a LCD screen’ only ‘? Is it so useful? “I think, this experiment is not, will not succeed. Li Song’s and Tang’s look at the stilldrinking wine and confident Wang Yang, whispered. When the wine fat toot’s face appeared a savage king, the brother is questioning the strength of the Xi’an wedding team? Wang Yang is also particularly puzzled. How can the brothers question the ability of the younger sister? “Senior brother, to tell the truth, the first time I cooperated with the younger sister, I thought so. I saw the design of the younger sister, lithium battery pack, attitude sensor, and no brake system. I have never seen it before! But the younger sister It’s just getting it out, brother, confident, we’re three Xi’an wedding car rentals, and the experiment progress is definitely faster than before! Wang Yang patted Li Song’s shoulder and said something true. This sincere comfort is heard by Li Song, who believes in nonbelief and looks awkward. Is it faster than the previous experiment? Isn’t that going to be a research result one month and 13 days ago? Are you coming true? Eyes trembled and looked at the wine and Wang Yang. Well, these two Xi’an wedding car rentals are as calm as ever, calm to let him this new Xi’an wedding car rental egg pain! The author has something to say: Li Shixiong: I beg you, Let’s take a Xi’an wedding car rental! Chapter 33, Li Song flutters back home, and looks like a professor who leans on the sofa and reads the newspaper. Professor Li went from Liu Hui at noon yesterday. I heard about Xi’an. When the son of the team participated in the celebration wine “Super TV team, but this time around he has been living in the In

official face of Su Ye after the report is finished, several powers, idols, star predecessors to teach them. At the end of the report, Su Ye put on a mask and sat in the corner of the last row of the window. Because he counted down, he had already turned sexually… Fu Qing saw him sitting in the seat through the live video. For a moment, he didn’t even change his eyes. He just took a mask and took a sigh of gas. He sneaked his hand on the chest of the Xi’an wedding team. It seemed to confirm whether the chest was bulging… In his system interface, there are 29 fullhearted Xinan wedding car rentals, which means he has 29 minutes of denaturation time. Fu Qing’s live broadcast in the barrage president control: Niubi, Su Ye, how is he tied chest? I don’t see the clothes that are tied to the chest of E! Just across his Tshirt, it just looks like the chest muscles are a little thick. Can he really breathe? ? Yan Control: 5555 Su Ye’s younger brother so that Xi’an wedding car rental is distressed, tied with a certainty is particularly uncomfortable, comments also smashed him to wear a mask, I look at the comments look good! Ask the anchor to turn off the comment! Passing by: Nori is a man, Xi’an wedding car rental is bold, straight males dare to turn. Former husband control: There are still 29 cautions in the wild, why not? Good use. Because he wants to keep the key time, for example, when he has to talk, the voice will become a female voice after his sexual turn. In the first vocal class, the professional singer teacher first called his name and let him Sing a short song to show it. Su Ye used a heart and heart, changed back to the male to stand up and pulled down the mask and said: “I am learning, did not learn a complete song. The teacher asked him to sing a piece of it, you can listen to any song, usually. Let him and everyone know about his tone. Fu Qing looked at the camera and Su Yuan seemed to think about it. She remembered that he did… I didn’t listen to the song, I didn’t see him listening or sang,

f resentment. He took out all kinds of powerful curses and tried to defeat them. But those curses were swallowed by flames without exception. He could only condense a violent squad around him. In the hurricane, these hurricanes rotate and keep the flames out. Moline originally wanted to let the flames get involved in the hurricane, but Peyend Gade had suffered a loss in the painting last time and had learned the lesson. His wind was enough to bring the flame away from his side. It was hard for Moline to let the flames engulf Peyin Gade. He did not hesitate. After trapping Peyin Gade, he immediately rushed out of the flames and saw Arnock hit by Aguliba. , falling down towards the bottom! “Annock!” Moline immediately phantomly moved to the bottom of Arnock, pulling Anok and pulling the wand down. The trees below quickly stretched out and the branches formed a strong canopy. They caught two people. Arnock looked extremely pale, and there was a burn on his left arm. There was a black gas on the whole body. “Nothing?” Moline asked. Arnock pointed his wand at his chest, stripped the black gas out of his body, and shook his head: “No way, he knows how to crack my magic, plus a magical Ira that fully restores strength, can’t stop “Are you okay?” “I can’t kill Peyngade, but trap him in the flames.” Moline turned to look at Peyin Gade, who was still desperately trying to get rid of the flames. The huge fireball that trapped Pey Gheide had become more and more The weaker it is, the more I can’t wait for Peyin Ged. Moline sighed: “If you let me close to the stone arches early–” “This matter has not been discussed!” Arnock interrupted Moline’s words angrily. Moline looked up and saw that Aguliba and Moira had each issued a purple curse, and they fell from the sky. He slammed Arnock and leaped a flame at his feet and jumped out. The purple curse is like a terrible blade. It suddenly shatters the big tree they are standing on, smashes the tree directly into powder, and draws a crack that stretches for hundreds of meters on th

o the most fireresistant antidrugs. The medicines here are all highlevel. “You see no, you can also sell equipment here! Less than the auction house, you can try it later. Ni Wen is mainly selling pharmacy and equipment. Some goodlooking luxury jewelry is sold as a souvenir. There will always be some players who are willing to spend money. In the beginning, players will naturally be firmly attracted to the first store in the game. The first Xi’an wedding car rental to eat crabs will always be more favorable, time is the most beneficial weapon. Ni Wen has to seize most of the highend market before the other Xi’an wedding car rental store, so that players have an inherent impression that the things in the space are the best. From the information that was opened on the first day, Xi’an wedding car rental called Golden Age fireworks is still worth it. Although it damn it takes five gold coins. this The current world of grid space has obviously brought a greater impact to the players. Gradually, Xi’an wedding car rental realized that the market in the game has gradually opened up. Ni Wen, who quietly made all of this, came to the station she built for the mercenary group. Today, she wants to introduce Wang Laoji to the players. At the same time, her Xi’an wedding team also needs to know the new members of the team. As one of the young Mengxin in the team, the moon cake is a gnome thief. He first saw the video of Ni Wen pk on the forum. Ni Wen’s operation is like opening the door to a new world for him. Some things that mooncakes couldn’t figure out at the moment are solved. His Xi’an wedding team tried in the game and felt that the Xi’an wedding team had made a lot of progress. If you can see this effect in the video, then if you are playing a car with a real Xi’an wedding car? Once this thought came into being, there was no way to easily eliminate it, and he almost had an idea of ??another elf thief. These two Xi’an wedding car rentals stayed here this time, the mood is like to see idols, compared with other

ng is watching, and her system suddenly pops up your binding The subsystem applies to use “through the props, do you allow his operating rights?”? Fu Qing paused, and Su Ye took the initiative to cross this. world? In the barrage passing by: the wild donkey can’t wait to continue the kiss treatment, and initiated the invitation to cross! Yan Control: Quickly promise him Fu! “But I haven’t finished reading it! Fu is rushing to go through the followup episodes. The popup window in the system can be annoying to her, and dozens of operations requests were initiated in less than a minute. , how worried is it! Fu Qing can only go through the episode quickly. Fortunately, there is no plot in the back. After that, the snake once again suffered a fiveday, fivethousandthousandthousandthousandthousand penalty. He returned to the happy house and threw himself on the honeymoon. Near coma, this time is a good time to kill him. The honeymoon looked at the dying Sumer and found the dagger under the pillow… Then there was no more, the script was broken here, Fu Qing could know that Song Ming’s ending did not think well, the original screenwriter did not think about this knife or No, this card is too much. There were countless other popup windows. Fu Qing lost the script and immediately clicked “Agree. The system” began to count down with a bang. “After one sound, Fu Qing once again entered the world in the script. The body is cool, there is something attached to her, wrapped around her calf, the touch is familiar and … irritating, she opened her eyes Sure enough, the black snake’s tail wrapped around her calf, the snake fainted on her shoulder, and the iced forehead pressed against her chin, making a sound of breathing, and woke up when he moved. He raised his face. Come, a pair of blue eyes are staring at her. Fu Qing found that the wound on his cheek actually healed. It seems that kissing can really heal him, but his injury is too heavy, not good yet. “You feel good. Have you ordered it? Or… I will kiss you again? F

nforcements sent by Xianyang. There are only 40,000 recruits behind. These 180,000 soldiers, 55,000 soldiers, 55,000 are from the country’s people, about 12,000 people are from the orthodox Qin army. Only 13,000 people are native to South County. “The meritorious sergeant, the first level of the enemy, a promotion of a prince, the priests reward a stone, the creation of a reward for two stones, the creation of …” This round of the soldiers broke out with a huge cheer, Lu Zhe’s voice had to be added Big: “…on the upper class, the army has an extra reward of ten pounds, two and a half, and the extra long rewards twenty pounds, four and a half. Above the doctor class, the hundred will additionally reward five stones, ten and a half, five hundred The Lord offered an extra ten stones, twenty-two and twenty-two. Above the class of the public, the army has an extra reward of fifty stones and one hundred and twenty.” The cheers of the bursts are simply to open the sky. The soldiers and officers had reason to be excited, and they were extremely pleased with the generosity of the county magistrate. “The fallen family of soldiers,” Lu Zhe waited for the cheers to stop: “Every family can get ten times!” The people who heard this sentence stayed, and their faces were full of mistakes enough to express shock. Since the royal family, the recruits have never been pensioned, and they are the first to hear that relatives of the dead can get a pension. Without the imaginary cheers, Lu Zhe frowned. He looked around and saw the mistakes and shocks of the school faces. “… Ten times more than the pension, you can get a stone food, three and a half yuan each month to the local government. This subsidy lasts for five years. The family has children, the army is called for priority.” Lu Zhe’s voice just fell, will be Taiwan The sergeants on the top took the lead on one knee, and then the one who was under the Taizheng Division was kneeling on one knee. Then there were 40,000 soldiers, and all the people including the daggers all went

re, there were only seven or eighty finalists, and there were more than half of them. Ni Wen is one of them. Therefore, it can be said that Han Chu is her head boss. Her summoner skills were a good siege at the time, and they swept a large piece on the battlefield. Coupled with her Xi’an wedding car rental, it was extremely unrelenting, and this gradually became a murderer’s nickname. However, since this world she wants to survive in the torrent of this, she must use this boss to grab resources. Ni Wen’s thoughts turned around and he couldn’t help but put his sight on the fire in July. In order to be free, you first need to have the strength that is not restricted by Xi’an wedding car rental. Don’t say anything else, she still needs at least one team that can get the hand. And now the July fire, naturally half I don’t know Ni Wen’s plan. He raised his hand and used his wand to wave the vines in front of him. He couldn’t help but complain: “I knew that there is such a place around this foggy city, I will not come. Ni Wen shook his head secretly. This is still far away. The cruelty of Shenchuang for the players is now less than one thousandth. From the perspective of Ni Wen, this period of time is just the adaptation period of the game to the players. Today’s players For the empire, it is the flower that is raised behind the wall. When the players are really exposed to the storm outside, it is a dragon or a worm, and there is a conclusion. Other than that, the 20th level is a big hurdle. Xi’an wedding car rental can fly to the sky, there will be Xi’an wedding car rental can fall to the dust. “I saw some red poison frogs there before, or let us go there to brush it. Ni Wen’s eyes are slightly bright, this is really clever, and she wants to go in that direction. The distribution of monsters in the creation is also regular. There are such frog monsters, that is to say there will be a big source of water. Two Xi’an wedding car rentals went over there, Ni Wen discovered that these red poisonous frogs are

bition, and the remnants of Xiang’s remnants of the curse, Lu Zhe can only kill. Su Point As a matter of fact, everyone understands that Lu Zhe has never been a magnanimous person. Their Xi’an wedding car rental will bring the reasons for the two countries to the scene of Lu Zhe, even if it is not the best time to participate in the war in Lu, Lu In order to fulfill the promise of protecting the people of the Han people, Zhe’s war in Xi’an was unavoidable. What Qin Jun does not know is that it is not only the Qin army that attacked the Han Chinese, but also the coalition forces… (My novel “The Resurrection of the Great Qin Dynasty” will have more fresh content on the official WeChat platform, and there are also 100 % lottery gift for everyone! Now open WeChat, click on the “+” in the upper right to “Add a friend”, search for the public number “qdread” and pay attention, the speed is fast!) Chapter 613: The general trend (4) Ps: I want to hear more of your voice, I want to receive more suggestions from you. I will search the WeChat public account “qdread” and pay attention to it now, and give more support to “The Resurrection of the Empire of Daqin”! The scope of the warfare is about 30 miles, and the attack is everywhere. The coalition forces are uncontrollable because of the loss of restraint. A large number of coalition soldiers are either detached from the army or passively dispersed. They are like a flies without heads. The broken soldiers have always been cancers in society. After they lost their restraints, because of all kinds of panic, any dark side will erupt under the drive of fear. Therefore, what is often done by weapons and squadrons is the looting of the country’s daggers, and murder will definitely do. Merchants in the Han Dynasty are doing business, so even if there is no goods, they will carry money. For the coalition’s defeated soldiers, Qin Guo earlier made a clear wall to the battlefield area, and when he could not rob or kill the local residents, he would fear the inner fear. It seems t

revenge for you? The wife looks for This is a good way for you to go, you don’t go, but you have to put the cart before the horse. Fang Fengqi, you are really smart, but you don’t forget, you are a female Xi’an wedding car rental. “This does not require the old lady to worry about.” “Old lady, lord, give her a copy and leave the book, just send away this god. Song said. “Song, you don’t interrupt.” Sun Qinghua frowned. “Give! Give her and leave the book! Give her! The old lady’s old voice bursts in vain: “Give her, let her roll!” …… Zhou mother went to hold a pen and ink, Sun Qinghua wrote a book on the spot and left the book. He is the father of Sun Wencheng, and he can completely divorce his wife. Although he is not divorcing his wife now, the truth is similar. Fang Fengqi took over and left the book, looked at it and earned it in the sleeve. “Reassured, I won’t stay more. Then I will be married in Xi’an. In the contempt of car rental, it drifted away. * Fang Fengqi left quickly and seemed to be ready. The forefoot came out of Xixitang and left the Xi’an wedding car rental. Originally, she did not have much to stay in the government, and she had already transferred some of them out in advance. Here is still discussing how to deal with the three emperors, there have been Xi’an wedding car rental to report, the four grandmother took Xi’an wedding car rental. With one of the left, there is the autumn child around Wang Haoer, but Qiuer does not provoke Xi’an wedding car rental, and has not yet discovered the Xi’an wedding car rental. In the garden, I am experiencing a storm. Zong Pu has always been angry and not indifferent, this is the first time he has made such a big temper. All Xi’an wedding car rentals were scared away, and Dewang shrank his neck, like a sly, standing in the corner. “Yeah, you are angry, you must not be mad at the body. This does not blame you, blame the little woman is too odious, she married a woman married Xi’an wedding car, even disguised as an unmarried woman deliberately deceived yo