it out, and Zhuo Yuan policy one person and one horse, to Xia Fangpo, who had not come together for a long time. Zhuo Yuan’s heart was mixed with Feng Yiming and revisited the old land. Unconsciously yelling at the big stone that was engraved with a goodbye and goodbye. “These are the new books in the book of Wendingcheng Wenzhai.” “Feng Yiming untied the bag and took out a few loose books and handed it to him: “I confessed that after they have a new book, they will send a copy to Fengjiabao.” He took the book, except for the voice, thank you for not knowing what to say. what. “We don’t need to thank each other.” Feng Yiming did not like Zhuo Yuan’s attitude towards him. He took him to sit in the old position where they used to sit. As before, Zhuo Yuanshi looked at the book. He lay beside him and looked up at the clear sky, quietly accompanying. He just wants to be good at Zhuo Yuan, so that he can get used to it and be willing to stay with him. Feng Yiming: “It’s better to find a shelter in the place where we are sheltering from the rain, and put some chessboards and four treasures in the study room. So even if we come to Xiafangpo in the future, we will have some fun.” “Well.” Zhuo Yuan policy felt that the idea was good, and after giving the sound response, he continued to look down at the book. Feng Yiming did not care. He knew that every time Zhuo Yuan policy touched the book, he would sink into his own world. He was also happy to be with him. He could take a chance to look at his appearance and look at the book. His long and dense eyelashes are more obvious, his eyebrows are picturesque and his temperament is convergent, and he can see his heart moving. It’s just that he still made his own self-control and his desires were not swaying, hoping to enjoy the silent world of the two. Speaking, Zhuo Yuan thinks about things, seeing Feng Yiming’s mouth with a smile, it seems to be a happy mood, decided to open now: “My skill has recovered almost, Xiaomian has also broken contact with Ling Xiaoge for a few days

ar with several sets of fists and sticks. He also has some means to be elected by Dongrong Town. For the head of the militia group, there are also three or two hundred people. At the same time, Yaojiazhuang’s group training also fell apart, and the remaining fears are now two hundred people, all of whom are self-employed. “Oh…” The people didn’t know who sighed first. It was like the first domino that was pushed down. It led a series of reactions. Everyone looked sullen and half of the heart was gone. . Zhou Wei’s reaction was the fastest. The first one looked up and went to see Chen Guang. Among the people in the room, the most shallow thing to talk about is Chen Guang’s. “What is Chen’s plan to do?” Chen Guang is a well-known martial artist in Changde, and he can leave without hesitation. It’s a big deal to find a rich home to go. Chen Guang did not hesitate, his eyes flashed his eyes, and he did not answer the reverse Yue and asked: “Yue Jiaxian, I don’t know what you are planning? Goro’s baby…” But Yue Fei, who is reluctant to be qualified. This is also called because Yue Fei ranks fifth among the same generation. [There is another saying that Yue Fei has four older brothers on his head, but they are not standing, but the possibility is not great. Because of Yue Fei, he was seventeen, not twenty-seven. Yue And a bitter smile, “While it is stupid, it is not a fool. This Tangyin County is one hundred people can’t stay. You can only go to Yangshan Park with Yang Lin, and then do something else in the future.” The child will naturally Go with your parents. Yue Fei, who was outside the door, heard this and looked back at Wang Gui and Xu Qing. The eyes were full of disappointment. This kind of day of martial arts practice will never be returned. “Doing this, don’t know when you will meet each other in the coming days.” And Wang Gui and Xu Qing are all speechless, and they dare not say that they will follow Yue Fei. Otherwise, if you go home, you can’t be hanged by Laozi. “Chen Chen Guang’s love in this

out. She is lying to you! The boss’s urging is coming soon, Zhao Dandan’s words are also reasonable. Lin Biao made a difficult one, one head has two big. Just when he is at a loss, Gu Yuyi goes forward, I took a picture of the car window. “Lin, don’t open the window!” Zhao Dandan seems to be very afraid of her, and the entire Xi’an wedding car rental is in the seat. Looking at the eyes of the apricot, staring tightly at the car. “Hey the window slammed and slammed. But Lin Biao opened a small gap in the window. “Old… boss, you… what’s the matter?” “You get off the bus first. Lin Biao looked at the two Xi’an wedding car rentals, his face is very complicated. “Is there something that is not good in the car?” Feeling his resistance, Gu Yuyi’s face suddenly froze. The thick Qi Liuhai covered her eyes. “Then you put the window down first, I will whisper to you. Zhao Dandan shakes his body and pulls his arm.” Lin Ge, don’t listen to her! ! Lin Biao looked around and tried to find some doubts from the facial expressions of the two Xi’an wedding car rentals. Three Xi’an wedding car rentals look at each other, the nerves are tight. After a few minutes, Lin Biao bit his teeth and put down the window. His idea is very simple. With the boss’s ability, he can be quietly done in the villa. Compared with Zhao Dandan, he believes in the small boss. “Boss, what the hell is it? He oversaw his head and handed his ear over. The moment he just put down the window, Gu Yuyi suddenly reached into the car. Under the exclaim of the Xi’an wedding car rental, from the inside of the car Pulling the door open, he pulled him out. Lin Biao only felt a whirlwind, but he hadn’t recovered, and the whole was pulled outside the car. He wanted to say something and was interrupted by Gu Yuyi. “Zhao Dandan Are you Xu Nan’s girlfriend? Zhao Dandan shrank in the car and trembled. “I am not! Gu Yuyi sneered, “Han Nan is the party for you to go to?” “You nonsense, I don’t know Xu Nan at all! Zhao Dandan yelled at her and his expression was awkwa

ere twisting their bodies with music. The lights are swaying and the atmosphere is fascinating. Looking for a circle, but did not find Fang Tingting, the phone can not get through. Xu Siyu had to go to the bar and saw a man asking him: “What about your boss? Just call us to pick up a girl.” The man stunned: “Is that what is Tingting?” Xu Siyu nodded: “Yes, right? That is, where is her?” The waiter thought about it, then pointed at it inside. “It seems to go to the private room.” “Bag room?” Deer Xiao shocked. “Which room?” “Where are the guests, this I I know, you can find it yourself.” Two people went along in the direction he pointed, even though this is a very formal bar in the city center, but it’s a young girl, who is not allowed to drink a bartender. . Going from the bar to the right, there are two rows of private rooms. When two people just thought about how to knock on the door, Fang Tingting’s phone suddenly broke through. Xu Siyu is angry: “Where is Fang Tingting? We are all in the bar! What are you running around in the big night, who is responsible for the accident?!” The voice is too noisy, I can’t hear what is being said, Xu Siyu is telling Lu Xiao Waiting, she took her cell phone and went further to the quiet place on the side. Just then, a private room next to Luxiao suddenly opened, and a waiter went in to deliver the wine. Lu Xiao casually looked inside. In the private room, seven or eight people are in suits and suits, sitting together, staggering, talking and laughing. And among this group of people, there is alone one sitting in the innermost corner. The man had a cigarette in his hand, his legs crossed, and he leaned on the arm of the sofa. The faint fire between his fingers flickered. He did not say a word, and it was in stark contrast with the beggars around him. The smoke in front of him blurs his outline. However, Lu Xiao still recognizes it at a glance, and his temperament and appearance are truly memorable. It turned out to be him. I don’t know why, in front of this confusing scene,

end to go back. One to provoke Xi’an wedding car rental attention, the second come… What do you do back to Yangzhou? Since she died, she has no home, where she went, where is her home. …… “How does Fangda Xi’an wedding car rental stand outside? It’s cold outside, come in quickly, and you can eat later. Zou Yun’s old wife, who is called the old woman of Xi’an, is married to Xi’an. While waiting for the dish in the house, I greeted the phoenix standing under the porch. “Oh, it’s coming. The phoenix sputum spits out a cold air, and the curtain enters the warm interior. The two grandchildren of Zou Yun’s sentence are in the house. You are coming to me to fight. The house is filled with charcoal pots. There are many dishes on the table, which exudes a strong food aroma, which makes Xi’an wedding car rentals. Outside, there was a voice calling for the children, and then the curtains were opened, and the children were also there. “Sit down, the wine is also good for you. “Scorpion, you come to sit. Feng said. “You guys Xi’an wedding car rental, we don’t drink, and I will have another table with the egg and his mother and two children. On New Year’s Eve, it will always be lively. Zou Yunjue and Feng Yutong have 100 households. Let’s go, San Xi’an wedding car rental on the table, and Zou Yun’s son, a young man named Zou Muliang. The doorsteps come and go, very lively, this is Hu Wei and her daughterinlaw, help the knife seven There are also a few Jinyiwei also placed the New Year’s Eve. They are all big men Xi’an wedding car rental, and do not pay attention to a fine, as long as there is meat and wine, the amount of food is enough, it is enough for them to eat. With the last dish on the Qi Women’s Xi’an wedding car rental children’s table is also a good dish. Zou Muliang led the eldest son to go outside the door to set off firecrackers, Feng Yan also went out to see, the last room Xi’an wedding car rentals have gone out. The center of the courtyard, put a Very thick cannon, and a hanging firecracker. Zou Mulia

and the glory of the moon. However, in the overall situation, this is a fine detail, improper use. Lu Qian was in the cottage, and he heard the whistle of the roads constantly reporting. The South Road Army had already entered the middle bank of the East Coast, and only seven or eighty miles of roads were left from Liangshanpo. The flag of Gaochun still does not move, but his troops and horses are marching to Caizhen. And Liu Zhen in the northwest, and the Zhang Kai Department of the North Road Army have already joined together, and then there is Ma Zheng of the East Road, and also the water army from Dongping House to Pingyin in Jeju, and there is only one east from the city. A county. “This high trip is really calculated.” Lu Qian looked at Liang Shanbo North Road, a series of official military symbols, they all laughed. This North Road defense line is very weak, but the sorghum still leaves 30,000 water and land in the Liangshan Dazhai close to the foot, so that there will be an additional layer of protection. Lu Qian, unless it is not to Liangshan, otherwise it will be difficult to leave the Liangshan Dazhai with sufficient force to break the soldiers and soldiers of the North Road. The same is true, as is the case of Pingyin’s Ma Zheng. “Looking at it, if the cottage is to be comfortable, it must first break through the 30,000 water army.” Otherwise, it would be like a dagger in the heart. I don’t dare to force myself. On the Juyi Hall, all the leaders looked at the Guanjun camp in the middle of the waist of Shuibo East Road. At the beginning, more than one person proposed that the shipwreck blocked it, but was vetoed by Lu Qian. He thinks it is not necessary. In his heart, he did not believe that the so-called ten quarters were elite. Throughout the Middle Kingdom, he was able to see him in front of the Western Army, and there was no second army. The imperial court assembled a group of ten soldiers to practice, but it was not from the western army in the northwest that he had transferred 100,000 troops.

was allowed to leave, she would not hold on. …… Wei Wang is really a master. It is said that watching chess can be enjoyed by Xi’an wedding car rental. Although there is no such rumor, it can be seen from a chess car in Xi’an wedding car to observe its true nature. For example, Fan Jinchuan, Feng Qi and his chess game. A lot of times, of which wins and loses half, this is actually the result of her release of water. Fan Jinchuan chess road, such as its Xi’an wedding car rental, is a bright way, Zhengda Guangming is good, but there are so many Xi’an wedding car rentals in the world And white, more is at the junction where the gray Instead, Feng Sheng is the other extreme, partial hi skillfully deflected the question, go Strangeness line, a surprise wedding car rental in Xi’an . Later, Feng Yi corrected a lot. Later, when she was deeply immersed in Dali Temple, she had analyzed the mentality of the Xi’an wedding team. Because she had no chips in her hands from the beginning, all her chips were made by a little bit, so her thoughts were all about ‘make’. Fan Jinchuan is different from her. He was born to be the pride of heaven. This kind of pride is not a birth, but a trajectory of his way. Because there are talents, because it is true enough, even if Song Ge Lao also has a bit of a different look at him, it is also because of these, Ming Jianping Emperor is not satisfied with the Song Ge old department, but he chose him to do Xi’an wedding car rental center . Carefully observe the trajectory of the first half of life, in addition to the hard work of the young, after all, it is smooth sailing, sitting in the Hanlin Academy for six years, the bench is not counted, you can give the princes a cold bench to teach, for anyone who wants. He has not faced the situation of being unsuccessful and has become a benevolent person. He has not shouldered the burden of only renting a car in Xi’an. He has not walked the road of taking the world by storm. His road is so flat and stable, so he is born with a bone. Kindly bright

ou Try 10,000 times…” Hey! A crisp sound is like a spring thunder, echoing in the ears of everyone, this voice is so abrupt, even Pearson’s words are interrupted. “Don’t try 10,000 times.” Moline retracted his wand. Oh! The golden stone glass that blocked the door in front of us was so cracked into the ground debris in the eyes of the public! “What?” Shirley widened her eyes in surprise. “This is impossible!” Pearson looked at the debris in the ground with anger. Abyssin’s disdain in the classroom was also stagnant, and Tiffany, who leaned against the back of the chair, stood up. No one expected that Moline actually cracked Pearson’s Golden Stone Mantra! “Is it impossible? I remember that you said this last time.” Moline took a gold coin from his pocket, threw it in front of Pearson, and then slugged it back into his pocket. Pearson’s face is even more ugly than eating horse dung, not only because the proud stone curse was smashed by Moline, but also because Moline actually took out the gold coin to sway! He lost a big face in front of Moline last time. This time he wanted to get back, but he didn’t expect to be miscalculated again! Pearson hated that the roots almost chopped. “So which one is my seat? Hey, there are so many empty seats, then I just sit down.” Moline glanced around and found that the classroom was bigger than expected, and there were already seven in the classroom. Eight students are there, and apparently some people have not come, but the seven or eight students who have arrived are incredibly looking at Moline and looking at Pearson. The expression is rather odd. “Hey, Rose, it’s so smart, you are.” Moline found Rose in the corner and said absently. Rose is also looking at Moline in a weird look. She just joined the club this year, so she didn’t stand up and speak for Moline. After all, although she is smart in the same grade, she is still a new student, to other people. Not very familiar. The whole classroom was too quiet. In the end, Rose broke the silence: “Moline, how did you just crac

ment. Even wearing the gold armor that Chen ordered to send her, the back was still injured in two places, and the blood flowed. Fortunately, there are eleven. It is really flexible and flexible. It shuttles back and forth between the war horses. The soldiers of Xiqiao are not hurting it. Instead, they almost hurt Xi’an wedding car team Xi’an wedding car rental. If you leave it alone, it rushes up to bite the horse’s leg, chasing it and chasing it, and it is a headache for the Xiqiao soldiers. Mo Li was also annoyed, and the heart and the scent of the scent had been fixed, and it could not be supported for a long time, so he turned to attack eleven. He is an experienced veteran. It is easier for him to lead ten soldiers to deal with a dog than to deal with Xi Xiang. However, for a moment, the eleventh was worn by Mo Li’s gun. Through the forelimbs. It suddenly fell to the ground, and he was so painful that he was “screaming.” Mo Li also wanted to take the opportunity to take his dog’s life. He was hit by a roll on the ground and then sneaked away. Then it plunged into the grass. Fighting hard, the cross knife slashed toward the front limbs of Mo Li’s horse. The knife was sharp, and Xi Xiang was full of strength. The two legs of the horse were instantly cut off, and the screams fell to the ground. Li also fell from the horse immediately. Xi Xiang turned to Mo Li, and was overtaken by Mo Li, and turned to attack, and the backhand attacked Xi Xiang. Xi Xiangben wants to dodge, but he has more than enough energy. I can’t avoid it, I want to take it with a knife and lift it. Unexpectedly, Mo Li’s gun suddenly turned to the face, and went to her face, from the end of the eyebrow to the lower jaw, and scratched a deep visible fleshy wound. At this time, only listening to the hooves of the hooves from far and near, all Xi’an wedding car rentals follow the prestige, it is Chen Ling driving the carriage. He just saw a bloody Xi Xiang was hurt, his face suddenly sinks, Zema rushed over, and the Xiqiao soldiers who wan

Wen looked at the routes that these babies rushed over, and there was a door in her heart. She immediately commanded, “The houseboats are snowing at night, throwing zha bombs. They are letting them react to the devout guild. This group is saying all the way.” Laughing to come over, where can be expected to have such a flying disaster, but a guild elite group in the usual, where there will be no longsighted Xi’an wedding car rental to provoke only the Xi’an wedding car rental to give them a way Who would have thought that here, they would encounter an ambush in a whole regiment, and this ambush was only a dozen of Xi’an wedding car rentals and a few burning zha bombs, many of the devout guilds Xi’an wedding car rental was immediately circled. They walked together in a group. The only members in the middle can see the Xi’an wedding car rental around the Xi’an wedding team. Where can you see the situation around this time? I only heard the sound, and suddenly it was a mess. “This is how it happened. Who threw the zha bomb” “I stepped on the trap. There is an ambush here.” Who told me what is going on? Do not crowd ah as president of the stateowned South sand naturally shocked, “how is it in command of the Pious Society of command fairly tricky, at this time, his mind Ji Ling, immediately shouted,” all cold Quietly hunting Xi’an wedding car rental to put a thief this skill, can show the shadow of the thief. Under a few light, the sand in the southern country finally saw the front, and not far away, it was Ni Wen who stood there with the dagger, and he saw a regretful expression. In the southern country, there is only a sudden increase in sweat. Chapter 199 South China has sand? In this game, who dares to say that the Xi’an wedding team meets the night songs in the wild and is not afraid at all, at least the southern country has sand. Today, it is not an exaggeration to say that Ni Wen is the most prestigious thief in the creation. Everyone knows that the operation of the night song is firstclass, and this level of