elage. Full-featured suites, and a surrealist, technology-savvy presidential suite with a large seat belt on the master bedroom to protect you when the plane is bumping, and an oxygen mask on the roof. The high-tech conference room of the international conference, according to Ivana’s request, can be used on the whole desktop with a touch screen, just like an oversized crazy mobile phone. A professional concert hall that can accommodate 10 listeners, you can be on the go. Enjoy the beauty of listening to music in the air. The decoration on the plane is made of special materials, although it looks like ordinary furniture, but it is actually much lighter. These furniture are not only very light, but also fixed with bolts, but also able to Understand the pressure and ensure that it will not fall off when the engine room is decompressed or the aircraft is forced to land. Here is the aircraft bathroom, the flow rate of water will be done even in the sky. As on the ground, there are huge screens on the floor and ceiling as well as on the bulkheads to enjoy the view of the cabin, a super-luxury bathtub, and you can lie in the bathtub and enjoy the white clouds in the air.” Green Point Technology The person in charge of the company, such as several Jane’s pointing out of the area, introduced the Nanjing sauna. The Nanjing sauna saw that the spiral staircase and the elevator had been loaded, and the black and bright white special color was quite deep. His heart, he does not like the same local gold as cp. However, the person in charge said that Ivana had a special flaw, the restaurant and the bathroom, the bathroom will have a gold foil decoration style, and the Nanjing sauna can only help but shake his head and laugh. In general, the ultimate luxury inside the cabin has reached a new level, the granite kitchen, all components and cabinets inside the cabin are of high-grade custom, using the best materials. “What about the security system?” asked the Nanjing sauna after sinking into the lower opening. “This is the air

her party enters the office The face is attracted, and when you hear the surname, you can basically confirm that the other person is a rabbit. “Yes, the boss, very happy to join the company.” Herkog generously shook hands with the young, desperate boss in front of him. “Where is the ancestral home?” Nanjing sauna asked, asking the other person to sit down and ask in Mandarin. “The hometown of Confucius and Mencius, I am the second generation, the boss, the true standard of your Mandarin, is much stronger than me, and I have an accent.” Although Herko knows that his boss is very good, After all, in the United States, I am afraid that no one can be a firer than their own bosses, whether it is the identity of a writer, the youngest billionaire, the publishing industry, or the boxing competition at the Pan American Games, let the American people Very sought after him. But when he heard the standard Mandarin, he still stunned his chin, Nima, a hundred times stronger than him. “Well, I also have the blood of the heavens, huh, we still communicate in English. Michael is a little depressed. I heard Michael say that the company’s network security team recruited a very powerful supervisor, so I want to see you.” It’s not very good to say the other’s Mandarin, with a local accent, and Michael Wright’s expression on his face is changed back to English. “Thank you Mr. Wright’s compliment.” Herko did not say anything modest, but smiled down. Well, I don’t know if it is really American or really technical. It is. “To tell the truth, I also learn computer, but I am really unfamiliar with the network security protection. Can you tell me about it?” Nanjing Sauna did not hide his ignorance, curiously asked. “Okay, boss, because our company is a trading platform, it will generate capital transactions. For the security of funds, network security protection is a must, and the network security protection that I have established for the company is a kind of IT architecture in the end user. The passive protection system set in diffe

te her to stay on our cruise ship. The people around her are also a big help for us.” “And, isn’t Lotus talking about business? She must have a channel to know the people of this government. She has a needle in the middle. It is better than a person who is like a headless fly.” The Nanjing sauna heard a glimpse. He didn’t want to contact with Lianlian. After all, she is the confidant of the Australian gambling king. If she is used by a thoughtful person to make a fuss, although there will be nothing, it will always be disgusting. However, Chen Pengyu said that the heart of the Nanjing sauna has been shaken, even if he is more confident, after all, it is related to the safety of his wife and children. It is naturally best to have one more insurance. “Alright, you should clean up first, I Go and call Lotus and ask about the situation. The Nanjing sauna nodded and touched the phone and walked onto the deck. “Nanjing sauna, I can’t think of calling me so quickly, your wife can be by your side.” There was a chuckle in the microphone and the lotus. “Okay, don’t make fun of you. Are you looking for me?” “And Miss, this is the case…” The Nanjing sauna succinctly said the situation to the microphone, and the invitation was made at the end. The microphone and the lotus on the other side just hesitated for a while and agreed very quickly. After an hour, I took the person with the lotus. The Nanjing sauna observed the yacht again, and the lotus came with people. There are many topics between women and women. Soon, the two women talked together. At the same time, a small boat was placed far behind the yacht, and several people pretended to be in the rafting entertainment. One of the telescopes in one hand looked at the cruise ship from time to time. I talked with Qian Xiaomei hotly, but I also noticed the strangeness of the small boat in the distance. My heart couldn’t help but feel that the law and order in Europe has always been bad. She didn’t know it, but she didn’t expect the Nanjing sauna to be so. I’m going to be

al together. After lunch, the Nanjing sauna and Qian Xiaomei warmed up, Qian Xiaomei hurriedly left home, although it was a National Day holiday, but she still has a lot of work to deal with. I slept very late yesterday, and got up early in the morning. I was tossed with Qian Xiaomei at noon, and my head in Nanjing sauna fell asleep. I don’t know how long I have slept. The Nanjing sauna was awakened by the ringing of the mobile phone. I grabbed the phone and connected the phone in a confused way. There was a loud voice in the microphone. “Nanjing Sauna, do you know who I am?” When I heard the words, my mind suddenly became awake. “Monkey, where are you?” “I am in the unit.” There was a chuckle in the microphone. “Yes, the National Day holiday, you should return to Beijing to come with your wife.” The children are reunited. If you have time, come out and have a drink together?” “How do you know that my wife is in Beijing?” “Crap, we are brothers who are dying, your family, I must pay attention to it, other skills.” The monkey didn’t, at least guaranteed the safety of my brother’s family.” The monkey over the microphone smiled. “Well, I will contact you when I have time.” Nanjing sauna laughed. When I first rescued the monkeys, it was because everyone was a compatriot. But I didn’t expect this guy to have the chivalrous spirit of the ancient Jianghu people. Reported. Chapter 868 I found a big phone call, and the Nanjing sauna got up and washed it. Then I found out that Qian Xiaomei didn’t come back and picked up the phone and hit it. “Wife, it’s dark, change back to dinner.” “Husband, today the company wants to engage The celebration, I am sure to attend here, the company can have the efforts of the employees today.” Qian Xiaomei on the mic seems to be apologetic. “Do not worry, I will get back as soon as possible, you help me. Say hello to my father-in-law, don’t say it, we will start the party.” Nanjing sauna is a little bit sorrowful, but there is no way. This is related to the long-term development of

stood up and shook hands with Lewis, sincerely said. “Well, this is a win-win situation, then I will not bother you, what is the need, always waiting.” Lewis knows that he should leave, he also needs to go back to report, to be honest, he really wants to get some Marvel The shares, Nima, the idiots of the board are still not looking. Sending away Lewis, there is only one person in the office, and the Nanjing sauna looks to the calm, faceless David Messer. “David, Marvel’s film business will be handed over to you. You and Stan will set up a six-member committee immediately after going back, writing Iron Man’s script, the formation of the crew and the screening of actors. What needs to go directly to Ike? After the script is finished, I personally review it. You can take away the sketches of the steel shirts.” “Understood, boss.” David Messer nodded and nodded. “Ike, start negotiations on Paramount, terminate cooperation with their distribution, and reduce the amount of compensation is the key. I will let my think tank send a few people to help you. At the same time, continue to negotiate with Sony and Fox, even if they can’t get back. Copyright, we must also expand our share of interests.” Nanjing sauna naturally knows how profitable the distribution of Marvel movies in the future, even if its peak is not comparable to Paramount in local distribution, but it is not just spending money on advertising, This point is still there. As for the number of curtains in the cinema, everyone has the same starting point. Of course, Fox, Universal, Disney, such a giant is a theater share, but how is it, who will not be able to spend money. “Sony and Fox will not compromise any more. We have already improved some of the divisions through negotiations in 2005…” Nanjing sauna brows slightly wrinkled, directly waved and interrupted Ike’s continued introduction, said: “Tell them, and They filed a lawsuit and dragged down their projects. I know that the agreement with Fox is a bit difficult. Stan, you will put Jing on the comics p

e morning of August 6th, Nanjing Sauna and Ivana, Li Xiaoying and his entourage visited the Forbidden City, which was at the Forbidden City to launch a wonderful exhibition. In the East Palace, Jingyang Palace and Zhongzhu Palace, “Jin Zhao Yin Hui – Palace Museum” The Qing Dynasty gold and silver exhibition “” Sheng Shilin 琅 – the Palace Museum of the Qing Dynasty Qianlong dynasty jade boutique exhibition”, those exquisite cultural relics enough to make Ivana shocked. Of course, the Nanjing sauna is equally shocked. Looking at the incomparably exquisite gold and silverware, all kinds of jade, the depth of the eyes is flashing with hidden greed, just greedy for greed, he is not crazy enough to think of it for himself, after all, here It is the collection of the Palace Museum in China, and each piece is a national treasure. It is impossible to smash the heart. When the Forbidden City and the party ended, Ivana and Li Xiaoying, who were chatting with each other, found that the Nanjing sauna that visited the Zhenbao exhibition became silent. The brows have been slightly wrinkled, and the eyes have become very weird. I don’t know what I am thinking. . “Jumbo, treasure… damn, what is the name of the broken temple…” The sauna of Nanjing has a slight wrinkle, and the mouth is constantly mourning with a slight undetectable voice. To be honest, if you don’t see it There are so many gold and silver treasures in the Forbidden City that have spurred him. He really can’t remember a news and adventure news that he saw in the past. “The ancient temple of India has not opened a secret room for gold treasures in 139 years, including 1 ton of gold jewelry and diamond-encrusted crowns and other gold and jewellery products worth more than 11.2 billion…” Just the Nanjing sauna was the first time to watch the news, and then In addition, I didn’t care about the names of the three names and the name of the temple. I didn’t care. So when he visited the Forbidden City, he was inspired by this incident, but he couldn’t rem

toring and operational assistance. Analytical platform. The team has carried out 6 times of body function testing on a regular basis, and has carried out many times of physical function detection of players in a small range from time to time, realizing the real-time entry of training physical data and injury information, collecting more than 1.6 million pieces of data. This is also the most important reason why we have not affected the game because of the injury problem of the players.” Upon hearing Kevin’s introduction, the Nanjing sauna nodded with satisfaction and said: “Now the Tottenham Hotspur team in London is also Already started to enable big data management information system, but the Rockets are a little slow. To be honest, I value the physical function of the players. After all, injuries are the biggest trouble for players and teams. Now, OK. Keep track of monitoring. Kevin, tell me, are we hoping to win the Super Bowl this year?” Hearing the boss’s question, Kevin’s forehead’s black line came out directly. How can he answer this kind of thing? There is no way to answer it. He smiled and said: “Boss, I can only say that we will go all out. Everyone is eager to attack the Super Bowl…” ———— 885th chapter behind the scenes trading! “Good ball! Hey–” A white windproof suit on the upper body, Ivana in a purple casual trousers is keeping the swing and hitting the ball, not far from Warren Buffett and Nanjing Sauna Station. What is it. Warren Buffett reached for the palm of his hand and applauded Ivana. Ivana smiled and smiled at the Nanjing sauna. “Nanjing Sauna, you are an enviable young man, Ivana is really charming…” The Nanjing sauna listened to the old-fashioned sour gas, and could not help but turn a blind eye. “I envy you more, you can let a woman die, saying, how do you do it…” “Ivana, your skills are true. Great, it is much stronger than the Nanjing sauna.” Nanjing sauna looked at Warren Buffett’s old bastard and opened it directly, and Ivana celebrated with a high-five, did

voice rang at the same time, wearing a black dress, with a diamond flower xiong needle, Li Fuzhen’s flower fading quickly ran over, behind Also followed by more than a dozen security guards. Nanjing sauna eyes are slightly stunned, looking at the other imposing appearance, did not say anything, the remaining 7 bodyguards headed by Kenny immediately blocked in front of the Nanjing sauna, all eyes cold and took out the pistol. “Hey–” The bullets went to the church, and the black hole’s muzzle made Li Fuzhen’s entire face faceless, and the security guards behind him were so scared that they stopped and did not dare to do extra moves. “Mr. Smith, don’t misunderstand…” Li Fuzhen’s paler face with a strong, calm expression, the voice trembled a little. The Nanjing sauna is still on the foot of Ren Youzai, and with a smile on his face, he looks at Li Fuzhen, who is standing in the field and does not dare to move. He stretches his hand and puts his hand on it. Kenny’s people are neatly shooting, and their eyes are cold. Li Fuzhen and the security guards who scared NIAO behind him. “Oh, I almost forgot, don’t die.” Nanjing Sauna didn’t pay attention to Li Fuzhen, but seemed to think of something general, raised his feet, and said with a smile. “Hey – hey, call, call, I want to kill you, I must kill you…” When I heard the threat of Ren Youzai, the Nanjing sauna did not look at him again, but smiled at Li Fuzhen. When she heard the threat, a pretty face was completely bloodless, and she looked at the cold eyes of the Nanjing sauna. She couldn’t help but scream, and some hysterical screams shouted: “Shut up! You give I shut up!” “Oh, hahaha…” It was like hearing a funny joke, the laughter of the Nanjing sauna grew from small to small, and the laughter became more and more horrible, standing behind the Nanjing sauna. The assistant, even scared to bow his head, unnaturally shuddered. “Haha… well, well, I was the first to be threatened with death, very good! Kenny, bring them in…” Finally, the smile is over, but t