a while before they came out. Looking at Jiang Yue, tired face, still raised a smile: “Sorry, today I feel that you are going to be a white one.” Jin Rui even Jincheng are not willing to pay attention, Lin Xiangyu can be very with him Peaceful getting along, probably because of this time, Lin Xiangyu has been with him for a long time. “Xiang language sister, I feel that paying is rewarding. If you haven’t found it yet, it is that this return is too small. You didn’t find it. It hasn’t arrived yet. It is waiting for a qualitative change. By then, it will definitely make you The shocked harvest.” Jiang Yue comforted this Lin Xiang language, Lin Xiangyu also understood that this matter is not urgent. But they have been waiting too long. Now all their previous efforts have been blown away as clouds, revealing the sun on the hottest summer days. It is inevitable that people are anxious. “I hope, as you said.” Lin Xiangyu listened to the words that would comfort himself. The most smiles on his lips were not as stiff as before. “Actually, I once thought about whether or not to carry a child. The bet is on his body.” “I once imagined that Xiaorui grew up and inherited the research results of Jincheng and Jincheng. It was easy to walk on the road we paved for him, and I could go further. Later I thought In the future of the child, we should not over-intervene, and let him do it himself…” “But we are not qualified parents, now he… becomes like this, we have all the responsibilities.” Lin Xiangyu Tong Jiangyue said, It seems to be the same as a friend who is in the same heart. But she knows that Lin Xiangyu said these words, she is really unable to bear it, and there is a confession, not to burden the heart. Those who are clearly very happy to live, have now become like this. It’s embarrassing. Jiang Yue accompanied Lin Xiangyu Stayed until eleven o’clock, Lin Xiangyu had to wash his hands and cook. Jiang Yue rushed to leave. After all, there is still a place in the family that allows you to go back, and you can’t let