py. However, it was just a few moments that Suomi had already fallen asleep, and it was a big night’s sleep. When Sumi opened his eyes, it was already bright. Quickly get up and wash, put on the new clothes picked out last night, and use a pair of tweezers to pull up the simplest bun, Suomi thought about it, inserted a delicate step. After eating the meal, Zhang Yuyu and other people went to the food and strolled, and Sumi went to Hongru College with the blossoming Chengzhi and the Big Six and Yunshao. “How do I think you are so nervous? Didn’t Cheng Zhi’s young master have already been accepted?” Big six looked like Yunxiao seemed to be a little confused, and asked in a strange whisper. The cloud was shallow, and I smiled embarrassedly: “I don’t know, there is a feeling that I have to go to school, and I am nervous when I am unconscious.” Big six seems to understand and nod. Although I still don’t understand why Cheng Zhi’s young master reading a book is as nervous as reading a book, but since the cloud has said so, then it is. Silly stupid hair: “Let Yun Shoujie say this, I feel a little nervous, hehe.” Clouds are not stupid. Zi, knowing that the Big Six is ??licking her, if it is normal, it will be a glance at him, but today it is not. A faint smile, I feel warm in my heart. “Stupid.” According to the understanding of the big six on the cloud, he should have been right before, but he did not want to say nothing, not even his eyes. There is nothing wrong with the white-eyed eyes. Even if I have such a sentence and is similar to the spoiled, the surprise for the big six is ??a little big. The master and the servants each have their own minds. This way, the road is flying fast. When I came to the Hongru Academy, the students who came and went were all alone. Sumi thought about it and let Yunshao and Daliu stand at the door. Now, I plan to go in with my own mind and blossoming. Just about to step up, I heard a voice that was very frequent in these two days: “How did Su girl come so early?” Yes, it’s still Liu Ruo