what? I can’t talk about deifying someone. Therefore, the military gods are training, and the dragons are not sincere and fearful, but they are somewhat complacent. The emperor is very important to Xiao Li, and these talents are excavated by the old man. It seems that the old man has a good vision. is proud and authentic: “Ha ha, Li Shangshu, you don’t know it. This Li Yu Yun Wen Yun Wu, both civil and military, is a wizard who is not a world. When the old man returned to Changan from the right, he and him As soon as I saw it, I only tried my skills, and I was shocked to be a man of heaven. I wanted to be a curse of myself, hehe! It’s a pity that you can’t argue with your Majesty. Are you saying no? “Long Sun Wuji has been listening to his ears. When he hears the heart, it is a move: “Right right?” He is the person of the right Li family? It turned out to be the origin of the seven surnames of the seven surnames. It’s no wonder that such a daring day… It’s estimated that it’s still a child. Although Chang Sun Wuji is a prime minister, he does not dare to take a sneak peek at the seven surnames. He and Li Yu have no fundamental conflicts of interest that cannot be resolved. Since the other party is not a small one who can let it be kneaded. Bug, after some balance in the heart, the mind that will be reported will be much weaker. Li Ji listened and did not feel that the dragon was exaggerated, this era, is the era of heroes, the twenty-four heroes of Lingyange, which It’s not a youthful age, it’s a singularity, and it’s brilliant. Li Ji’s heart thinks, I’m all going to follow the battle of the underarms and establish the heroes of the Tang Dynasty. When the Prince comes to the throne, the prestige can’t be as good as today’s. The old man of the country can be like an arm. This Li Yu is said to have been a small city of the West City Department. He entered the Taichang Temple and went to the Ministry of Industry. Now he is moving to defend… He is from the right, and there are eighty-nine. It’s the