s a smile on his face. Sumi looked at her and touched those Cloth seems to be thinking about what, and remembering that Zhang Yuyu just said the price of these fabrics, he guessed that it is not out of ten. “These fabrics are very suitable for the elderly and children, we are specially prepared for the big sister and three children. You have to pay more for this clothes. After I have finished the year, I still remember to take the big sister to our house for a few days. At that time, we also look at the needlework of the scorpion, which is definitely good, not like I can’t hold the needle and move the line. Sumi smiled faintly and looked at Li Liangliang. “Ah? Haha, yes, middle, to say, let’s talk about it. “Liang Liangliang listened to what Sumi said, and knew that his hopes were lost. My heart was a bit uncomfortable and a bit unwilling. But I didn’t dare to offend Sumi, but I could only agree with it. Sumi and Zhang Yuyu didn’t want to take care of her. Two people sitting in Zhang’s not far away, from time to time and Zhang Guo said two words, just waiting to go home when dinner. But when the time is almost up, Guo said that they would not let them go. “There are people in the family. Can I come again tomorrow? There is a carriage at home, isn’t it far from it? It will come! “Zhu’s plan was to start at the beginning, but when he got there, he wanted to go, but Guo took the sleeve and said that he wouldn’t let go: “No, today, if you don’t even eat here, you can turn around and leave, then we will Can you still be there? You didn’t mean to pick me up. How many days do you live there? I am still going to go? ☆, 664th chapter: Guo’s meal 2 Guo’s kindness to retain, Zhang is not much to say anything, looked at Sumi and Zhang Yuyu, left and right. It was originally left in Guo’s family to eat. There was nothing wrong with a meal, but Zhang’s heart knew that Long Gongzi was waiting at home now, and his old niece must be eager to return to the heart. What can I do?… “Niang, that big cockroach is so left, let’s