y into the fifth house was seen by many people, but Li Yu had no impression of them. “What is it?” “The fifth girl is going to be born, she will be born soon, and eager to make us come out to find Lang Jun.” Li Yu heard, his face changed. In this era, women gave birth, it is indeed a ghost gate, a careless, life-threatening. Li Yu immediately said: “Come on!” If the words are not finished, he has taken the lead and rushed out. Kang Ban and others looked at each other and had already rumored the fifth girl and Xiao Langjun. Is it really practical now? At the fifth gate, the four doors looked like a duck, squinting at the neck, and saw Li Yu flying like a horse. He immediately turned back and pushed the door. The door is slamming, but it has not been completely opened, and the fish has already flown in. The fifth house was too big, and I couldn’t care much at this time. Li Yu was all the way to the delivery room, and it was only after the preparation room that had already been prepared. This was an emergency and scary. It was sweaty. “Lang Jun can’t go in!” The door is one of the four close-knit aunts of the fifth Lingruo. The eight King Kongs are only halfway outside, and the other four should be in the delivery room. Li Yu stood still and nodded to them. He listened to the inside and listened to the sound of a ring. He said, “Girl, Li Langjun has come, just outside, you are at ease.” Wen Po: “Strength, Breathing, exerting force…” An outer ring saw the fish full of sweat, and hurriedly took the pot of water, not waiting for the bowl, the fish had taken over the kettle, and the mouth was a sip. He drank a pot of water, like an ant on a hot pot, smashing at the door. There are sometimes the pains of the fifth Ling Ruo inside, sometimes the greetings of the stable woman, and sometimes the comfort of the small ring. Finally, a loud baby crying sounded in the delivery room. Li Yu took a step on the steps, but was stunned by two loyal rings. Stopped. The delivery room is not allowed for men to enter, and there are man