Isn’t everything good? “Well!” Although it is said that listening to the mother-in-law means that this medicated diet still has to be drunk, but if you don’t like it, you don’t have to drink it in the future. It is acceptable to accept this. Is it better to eat a bitter bitterness than to suffer? The blossoming did not come to the kitchen. It seems that it has not yet got up, and I waited until Sumi had finished the meal. The small pickles had already been mixed, and many pairs still did not appear. How is this going? Usually even if it is a pair, it will stay in bed. But not so long? Can you say that there is something uncomfortable today? Sumi thought that she was not at ease. She put the medicinal food on the side and put it cold. She washed her hands and washed her hands. When she took the chopsticks, she quickly went into the house to see the blossoming. When Sumi went in, she saw that the blossoming still shrank in the quilt, but occasionally it moved, not like asleep. “Flowering? What’s wrong? Is there any uncomfortable place? Let’s talk to the mother.” Sumi looked at the blossoming look and felt more uneasy. The child obviously didn’t fall asleep, how could he not get out of bed? ? “Hey… mother…” The blossoming came out of the quilt with a small head, a little embarrassed to look at Sumi, a flash of reluctance in his eyes. “Flowering… You are? What?” Sumi looked at the blossoming look and had a little thought, but it was not certain. “Well, mother.. Did you give me a medicated diet this morning?” The blossoming tweaked for a while, or said. She deliberately waited for so long for a long time or refused to get up. She was a little scared about this medicated diet. “Well, I will give you a medicated diet. Why can’t you still blossom?” Sumi asked again. “Mother.. I don’t want to.”” Duo Duo just wanted to say whether he can drink this medicated diet today. Before he finished, Cheng Zhi ran in: “Mother! I can also eat this medicinal meal!” As soon as I heard this, I knew that Cheng Zhi had just tasted t