ill looked at everyone with a loud voice. Everyone was quiet and looked at him. “Mr. Dumbledore is a great wizard. We hold the competition. In memory of Mr. Dumbledore, thank him for everything he has done for our wizarding world. Now I declare that the 18th Dumbledore Cup Transformer Competition is now starting!” His voice has just fallen, and many people have already cheered up. . The sorcerer has one or two thousand spectators. In addition to the Quidditch competition, Moline is the first to see so many wizards gather. Many wizards are shouting, especially the parents of the students, shouting the most eager. “Constance, don’t care,” shouted Professor Kane. “Know, Professor.” Constance is still very confident about his magical ability. Constance has taken to the second venue, his opponent is a black-haired boy from the Booth Barton School of Magic. Booth Barton Magic In France, this magic school Moline knows very little. It is said that the management system is very strict, and the students taught are also very good. They are famous in Europe. “The boy is called Dominique.” Ma Jiasha quickly calculated on paper. “It is good at furniture and animal deformation. He may use deformations like ropes to deal with Constance. Before he played, I only looked at it and couldn’t count too much.” “Can you figure out the result of the game? Ma Jiasha.” Moline asked curiously. “I can’t figure out that there is blocking magic, they will avoid this kind of thing, you know, in order to prevent the arithmetic diviner from participating in the competition gambling or something, I can go to open a casino.” Ma Jiasha shrugged his shoulders . The talented astronomical diviners are very powerful. If they are counted in advance, there is no suspense. The Ministry of Magic naturally has a way to prevent this from happening. “Have you ever gambled with someone?” Moline smirked. “Should no one dare to gamble with you?” “I don’t do this boring thing.” Ma Jiasha looked serious and stared at Moline seriously. “I’m more focused on magical