ome. Fu Qing smiled and praised him, and took her bag to the villa. Liu Wei has been waiting for her ten minutes ago. Now she is still looking at her face with a spring breeze. Fu Qing is here to return to Xi’an wedding car home! This house is a Xi’an wedding car rental she has early I just wanted to change it, but Liu Zheng didn’t think it was necessary. She didn’t want to make a fuss about it. The Xi’an wedding car rental opened the door for Fu, and she didn’t even change her slippers. “Is breakfast good?” I am starving. Liu Wei was busy laughing and welcoming and said: “Listen to the political brother, said that my sister is coming to the house to talk to the political brother today. I just have nothing to do for breakfast for my sister. Let’s eat it together. Fu Qing glanced at her. The stomach has been manifested for six months. She gently rubbed her hand on her stomach and scared Liu Wei back. She looked up and looked at Liu Wei and smiled. “What are you afraid of? He said hello. She said to Liu Wei’s stomach: “Good boy is born soon, Auntie can’t wait to wait for you. Liu Wei is inexplicably wanting to chill. Fu Qing has already circumvented her to the table and glanced at the table. On the breakfast made by Liu Wei, he said to Liu Zheng: “I told the aunt to do it for me. Aunt knows my taste. Liu Zheng does not care: “You don’t like to let the aunt make another one. Let’s put it here. Auntie rushed and turned into the kitchen to cook for Fu. Fu Qing and Liu Zheng grew up, two Xi’an. Wedding car rentals are often together when they are not in love. The aunts and security guards in this villa are personally picked by Fu Qing, but they are familiar with it. . Liu Wei stood there watching Liu Zheng and Fu Qing sitting on the same table. Her breakfast was pushed to the side. At that moment, she said that she was not angry. She worked so hard… to try to please Liu Zheng, Ming Liu When she was in peace, she was very accommodating, but as soon as Fu Qingyi appeared, she immediately became the same as Xi’an wedd