hen’s number: “Gu Chengyan, he…” Dr. Chen was silent. Her fingertips slammed into the palm of her hand: “How can he go to the game like his legs?!” Dr. Chen sighed, knowing that he couldn’t stop it, things were a foregone conclusion, and there was nothing to say: “He insisted on playing closed, just now Outside the stadium, I took my hand and plunged in.” “Although I am angry, I hope you… don’t blame him, he said that he wants to win, and you won’t be jealous of him again.” Qin Yu’s house is built in the suburbs. The city sports center, there is still a 40-minute drive without traffic jams. And the world is snowing, New Year’s Day has more people and more cars, almost doubled in time, only to be able to arrive. Qin Youyin got off the bus, the zipper was open and forgot to pull it up. The biting cold wind blew her hair and blew it into her bones. She rushed up three steps and was stopped by the staff: “Hey, inside the game, what are you doing?” “I am a family member,” Qin Yuyin squinted. “I am the family of the player Gu Chengyan!” I have to go in and find him! The staff frowned and couldn’t help but look into the pavilion. It was the last group, but it was still full of people, and there was no one to go. All the players were watching, and the voices were all outside. Hearing clearly, the name of “Gu Chengyan” appeared once every five seconds. The staff asked: “Are you a curse? “Girlfriend!” “Qin Youyin screamed in a hurry,” he married! The staff licked the girl’s red nose and the watery apricot eyes. The soft heart gave way: “You can let go, but you can’t influence the game. Go straight to the stands.” Qin Youyin plunged into the hall and suddenly got confused by the noisy voice. She was short, she couldn’t see anything underneath, but she talked about finding someone. She bit her lip and ran up to the stands, rushing to the top. The electronic screen is marked with the name of Gu Chengyan. On the huge ice, there are no idlers, except for the referee, only five figures stand in front of the starting l