come a resentment: “If you are not you, Xiaobao will use it and me. separate? ! Looking at the stone with the name of the school not far away, Cai Guofang’s eyes seemed to be able to get rid of the venom. At night, only one or two rooms in the school were still lit, not a boarding school, and no students were there. School. This is the idea that Muzawa Cloud saw Cai Guofang and the three or four men behind him in the surveillance. It was already a week since Muizei first noticed Cai Guofang. After the movement, Muze Yun felt that Cai Guofang could not come here for sightseeing. Estimated that the time is almost up, Muze Yun said to the two people behind him: “Let’s go out and have a look.” When Cai Guofang saw Xiaobao in the afternoon, the anger of his heart had risen to the apex. I immediately found a few people, ready to give the school of Ozawa Yunkai. It’s not forbearing, I never thought about it. Cai Guofang from school one A relatively embarrassing wall turned in and looked at the beautiful appearance of this school. For the first time, my heart was embarrassed, and I wanted to let these things be destroyed. Five people behindSaid: “Give me!” After Cai Guofang finished, the five hired people did not move. Some cautiously looked at Cai Guofang, as if to say: Really? Finally, there is one of the openings: “Hey school? When you hired us, you didn’t say it was a school…” “Add money!” Cai Guofang didn’t want to hear these people say that it was useless, very direct, “If you are today’s business Satisfied, everyone fifty!” When the few people heard it, their expressions changed obviously, but still no one moved. “This…the price is so high, in case you ran away?” Cai Guofang did not speak, and took a small change from his pocket to the person who spoke. He frowned and asked: “Now, right?” The number of people in the hands of the money, a small one! He smiled and said to Cai Guofang: “Yes! It must be done!” Then he said to the four people behind him, “The money is in place, give it to me!” Chapter 372 Grab