the map. It only starts on the day of Apocalypse. Before I found the swollen female body, I could see the ‘flaps’, but the other side did not appear as a foreign aid in the black goat annihilation action. It is estimated that it is too BUG. Although Yae Sakura is also quite BUG. [The black goat’s cubs can be controlled by time. Is it not easy for Abigail to control the magic backflow to limit the use of treasures? 】 “You just say what Tavier said to you.” This pale explanation of the flaps has been too lazy to listen. [CNM, you will not see the judgment yourself? 】 DM used the actual action to tell the flaps that it is a violent brother. Several pop-up windows jumped out directly, and the front of the flaps was suddenly stunned by a pile of judgment records. They barely found their own records in the record pile. The flaps found that they passed many judgments, but there were also Many of the failures were mostly focused on the encounter with the assassin and the Tianqi Day yesterday night. Today, I did not trigger the judgment, but Abigail triggered four judgments, all of which passed. Big and big.. Scorpion Ji is the biggest, and Zhai Ziji thinks it can be, then it must be, no, you can, you can’t be killed if you drink water to die. “Alright.. So the Sergeant is not finished?” Confirmed Abigail’s decision, the flaps closed the pop-up window. [Ah, it’s almost been taken to the soup. Soon, in the perception of the flaps, the remaining six magic powers disappeared, and the battle in the distance has stopped. The battleships in the air have disappeared, and at the same time, the legendary characters who control the battleships are lost. Just.. In this battle of the Holy Grail, perhaps it is still not enough to see. The only estimate that can gain an advantage is the time to face the assassin. Put down the beef jerky in his hand, picked up the cup and put it on his mouth, looked at the blue sky, sniffing the flowers in the air, and the flaps sighed. “Today is a peaceful day.” [442.442. I have a special way to ge

“Small round, he ran like this? He won’t take care of himself. He is hiding in Tibet from the east. If he can’t sleep well, what should he do with hair loss?” Autumn light: “There is little thing to lose, you must be caught by the landlord.” Once, I am afraid I have to suffer too much.” Bird first heard them worried and sighed, thinking: “The two sisters are really good to me… If this plan goes well, I slaughtered the evil snakes in Lingshan and come back to them. Explain.” Under the gap between the enemy and the enemy, he knows that he wants to kill Lingshan. He can only slap him or not. He will kill if he hits. Otherwise, don’t say Lingshan Ben demon, that is, Lingshan’s demon squad will be swarming, and spitting can also drown. he. If you don’t succeed, you will be married. If you don’t become a new king, you will become a dead bird. The bird first adjusted the expression slightly and walked into the building. When the sun sets, some demons end the day’s business, and Huajie has just opened the door. “Red Dust Drunk Dream House” at the beginning of the Hua Deng, the color silk hanging high, the red landlord stood on the railing of the upstairs, left and right with two beautiful demon, behind the body behind the servant guard. He coveted the lobby. Like a king, he led his troops to inspect his own industry. There is a big demon to cocky, Come with the Wanzhu Lingzhu, there is a guest demon to praise and praise, to open up the eyes; there is a small demon shrinking, to change the fate. In the past, the red landlord will feel a sigh of unsatisfied satisfaction: the demon world is countless, only he stands the highest. But recently he has a trouble. After getting the news from the mouth of “Kunshan King”, the red landlord left to think: “I don’t like glamorous banshee, I only like pure male demon… Pure male demon, it is easy to say, where to find it?” Be willing to volunteer. I don’t have to send it to cry and cry, and I’m upset. He sent his confidant servants to search around in the city of Fengyue. The l

the Emperor’s House.” “Looking back to the lazy, fluffy big tail, gloating over the mobile phone in the forest, “kill you, he is the deity.” The Emperor’s House at the end of the phone was very calm: “You helped me blow him up.” Zigui itself is also planning this way, but if the grievances are fascinating, it is almost equivalent to the half body of the Imperial House. The concept is different. “Blast it.” “Yu Gui said, “But he is gone, the cause and effect will count on your head, can you stand up?” “…fuck! The Emperor’s house on the other end of the phone looked at the last body that had just arrived, and then felt that when he was at the top of his peak, he could almost only call it the demon power and the crumbling spirit of the chicken. He only felt black in front of him and never thought about it. This kind of smashing of the stone will happen to your own feet. Your mother’s. The top can’t stand, can’t beat. The Emperor’s house takes a deep breath and looks at his mobile phone photo album with solemnity. The small video threatens to return to the bodyguard to reluctantly maintain life safety. The author has something to say: Zigui:? [dirty words.jpg] Chapter 73 “I am born. When the phone had not been hung up, the forest mobile phone received dozens of messages. He glanced and found that all were sent by the Emperor House. “What did you send?” Lin Mu asked, and opened the chat window. The screen was instantly swept by a lot of small videos, and the last one was automatically played under wifi. It was the siberian husky that swayed the nine tails on the window sill and the other family. Lin Mu obediently turned off the video. Just heard the phone and heard the voice of the Emperor’s house. “From a scientific perspective, human beings are worthy of praise.” Xuan Jing sat on one side and looked at him with a blank expression. Silently gave the Emperor House a praise. It is a friend who has been returning for many years. This kind of behavior that catches the handle and directly puts people on the road is

ldest son, even if she wants to find a home, isn’t that easy?” For a time, big There are a lot of discussions under the tree, and whether Su Mi will marry again, whether or not he can hold this topic has started a heated discussion. At this time, the heroine in the incident, that is, Sumi is holding the soup bowl to eat the fragrance. “Xunzi, you can drink more of this soup. It is good for you. If you put it in the soup, I wouldn’t dare to give it to you. I’m afraid you are not going to make up, but now you are all right, it’s not so More concern.” Sumi felt that the soup was very close to her appetite, so she smiled and said Zhang Zizi. “Sumi, this lamb is definitely extra expensive? The scorpion is all right, there is no need to eat such expensive things.” Zhang Zizi looked at the meat in the soup, so some distressed. She heard that people say that lamb is much more expensive than pork. How much does it cost for so much meat? “Xunzi, not much money, I just met in the town today. At the hawker’s stall, there was only one thigh left at that time. Half price was given to me. Even the sixty texts were not spent!” This lamb leg certainly won’t So cheap, such a leg of lamb has spent 20 grams of Sumi, but as long as it is good for the people around, Sumi really will not feel bad about this money. Just this can be They can’t let Zhang Zizi know that if they don’t talk about others, Zhang Yuyu can recite Sumi for a month. “Okay, mother, you shouldn’t be polite with Sumi. She used to say that I want to be a godmother. Today, this pot of soup is even if she respects you in advance.” Zhang Yuyu can not and will not Sumi is polite, and she has already regarded her as a sister. In a pot of mutton soup, she really won’t push it with Sumi. “Yes, scorpion, you can eat it.” Sumi said something, and gave Cheng Zhi a nest. Zhang Zizi is also happy to see Sumi and Zhang Yuyu’s kindness. She is a daughter of Yuyu. She is afraid that she will leave one day. What should Yuyu do? I want to make two more jade and jade things. After

ver quarrel with me, it is ok, more than enough, not too poor! “After the third brother and the five brothers want to come to Japan, they can also apply for a visa to go abroad in the name of visiting relatives. I can help, I can help too!” “It’s just that I want to marry the rich, and the fantasy of being a broad wife is completely shattered. Unfortunately, I am so beautiful. Although I have been married three times and have been married twice, I know that I am not young, but My body is still so good, my skin is still so delicate, I am really reluctant, you see how beautiful I am, how can I make my skin tanned in the farmland, and my hands are old peasant women? “I sometimes hate my own destiny. God seems to always joke with me. I can’t meet a rich man. I always let me meet incompetent men. I can’t help myself. I can’t do anything. How can I be so delicate?” Do housework? Washing and cooking with children, repeating this kind of recurring day every day, hey, this kind of hopeless, boring life is really breathtaking… Shen Jiamei complained endlessly, and Shen Jiaqi was very disgusted. After living in Shen Jiamei for two days, Shen Jiaqi left her husband Zhao Hongxiang. The Japanese Shinkansen is crowded, and the streets are full of people, huge commercial billboards. The models above are getting less and less clothes, bowing their heads, neon lights flashing, one side is rich, one side is poor, one side is paradise, the other side is hell, and in the bustling crowd, Shen Jiaqi is very emotional. Japan does not have Chinese people. I have imagined so well before. The second sister came to Japan to live a lot of life. The customs and habits of the Japanese are different from those of the Chinese. The huge cultural gap and conceptual gap will have a gap. Before Shen Jiamei’s life in the country is greater. The disappointment is bigger. “What are you thinking about? “Zhao Hongxiang asked, interrupted Shen Jiaqi’s thoughts. Shen Jiaqi looked up and looked at the gloomy sky. The day before was still clear and clear,

the kind of entangled people, but could not help but ask. He always wants to know more about his Susu, instead of seemingly far away from the current situation. “How can it be? When I was in Li’s family, it was just a slap in the face. How can it be? Well, don’t mention those unhappy things. Go out and look for Chengzhi and blossoming. You will have a good meal.” Sumi rushed to send other tasks to Longqing, or else wait for Longqing to continue to ask questions, she did not know how to say it. “Well, I went to see Cheng Zhi and Duo Duo back.” Long Qing’s eyes flashed, pressing the uneasiness and irritability in his heart, or stood up and went out. After Sumi put the food on the table, Shi Lei and Zhang Yuyu came back together. I don’t know how the two people can do it together in the shed. ☆, Chapter 474: The happiness of the dinner table, but looking at Zhang Yuyu’s eyebrows, I know that the two people are very happy. After a while, Long Qing also came back with a blossoming loyalty, and Zhang followed. The hands are all mud, but the face still has a smile that can’t be covered. “Mother, should the peanut money for the villagers be settled?” Sumi asked the Zhang who was washing his hands while placing the dishes. “All settled, there is still a lot of money left for you, and I will give it to you later.” Zhang quickly said. “You don’t have to, mother, you just take it. You will go to the village tomorrow to find some people who can chat and help to clean up the peanuts. You can give a ten-wenwenth article.” Sumi didn’t want Zhang too. Tired, she gave her the idea: “Mother, although we can’t say more extravagant life at home, but the money can still be afforded. Don’t get tired of yourself.” “Where can you get tired?” Zhang cleaned his hand and refused Sumi’s proposal: “These peanuts, I can clean up myself, I clean up Let’s do some peanuts, slowly get rid of it, hire someone is not money? Do you know if you spend money? “Mother, you will listen to the girl, seeing that the work has piled up together, and you can

has cleared the customs.” “It’s coming again, this topic has been done four times in summer and summer, even I will do hhhhhhhhh” “Ah, ah, ah, ah, the boss actually turned out Now, we are going to his live room to collect information back and summer summer suo!!!” “Useless, his live room is now blank. I just returned from the Infinite Escape Forum, the above post about this copy has been Covering a lot of high-rise hot posts, all kinds of gods in various poses fluttering the streets, refreshing all kinds of tragic postures. There are candles on the inside, we go to see the post just fine.” Xia Yihui The line of sight was removed from the live room and the attention was returned to the classroom. The people around him are watching him, his eyes reveal a silent reminder, it seems that he is extremely looking forward to seeing his appearance. At this moment, Xia Yi suddenly felt that these eyes looked very familiar. It seems that a long time ago, when he just decided to drop out of school, the people around him always looked at him with this kind of sight. “Your grades are very good. If you take the college entrance examination normally, 985 and 211 are all hand-to-hand. If you are not satisfied with these schools, you can also consider going abroad to enter top3.” “Even if you really want to learn medical treatment, you can While studying and testing, you don’t have to drop out of school!” “The only problem with your child is that you can’t be confused. It’s always important to meet things, so you will kill yourself sooner or later!” “…” “Disappointed, we will not take care of you in the future.” Everyone is not optimistic about him, not optimistic about the choice he made. However, after a decade of rush, Xia Yiyi proved with practical actions that he made the best choice that was not optimistic, so he made a correct choice. Everything that happens in front of me is exactly the same as the last time. Xia Yi went back to the blackboard to do the questions, and the chalk had never stopped. The students t

tiful days to see Chengzhi and blossoming. Sumi feels a bit sour in her heart. Forget it! It’s a big deal that will make them sleep later. Sumi will no longer care about them when they think about it. After looking at Zhang Yuyu, she just eats a nest and rarely picks up vegetables. She hurriedly gave her a bowl of soup. A lot of meatballs were placed in front of her. “Jade jade, you should be your own home here, there is not so much between you and me, if you do this, I have to be sad!” Sumi took two more bowls and gave them two children. After a bowl, I turned back to Zhang Yuyu. Zhang Yuyu nodded out of the chopsticks and put a piece of meat into his mouth. Without speaking, it was easy to see and move. In fact, it is not Zhang Yuyu and her politeness, but this braised pork and meatball soup is really not something that can be eaten for the farmers in the New Year. Sumi has two children. Zhang Yuyu must be embarrassed to eat more, but Su The words of the meter really made Zhang Yuyu feel that the heart was very ironed, and slowly it was not the beginning of the restraint. “That’s right! My mother and I know you, I am a friend in this Lijia Village. If you even talk to me outside the road, who can I trust?” Sumi is eating. Wotou and Zhang Yuyu said. “I know that you mean it, but you are not easy to eat meat. How many times can we eat in the country for a year? I don’t think about letting my son dry up and eat more?” Zhang Yuyu said with some embarrassment. ☆, Chapter 37: Do you not come after? “I can’t help you to dry your son and son! You eat it, just taste the soup that I made.” Now the home’s seasoning is really incomplete. The taste of this soup has not tasted yet, but look. The appearance should not be worse, and now I urge Zhang Yuyu to drink soup. This meatball soup is to be hot and drinkable. It is good, warm stomach and delicious. Zhang Yuyu didn’t use a spoon. He took a bowl and took a sip along the bowl. After taste the taste, he couldn’t stop it. After a bite of soup, he came back with a piece of m

Sumi with a good breath, but she looked at her pitiful appearance and said that she didn’t want to say anything, and she didn’t need her to support her. Instead, she dragged her to walk quickly toward her home. You are slower! Don’t hurt your foot again! “Sumi hurriedly grabbed Zhang Yuyu. This dynasty can’t make a film, although after the initial diagnosis, Zhang Yuyu’s feet should be no problem, but no one knows the specific situation, and Sumi looks at her feet. There is a little edema, I am afraid that the rush is more serious, and that is worse! “Nothing! I am already much better. I don’t think you will buy this medicine for me this evening! It’s strange to be expensive, and if you keep it, you will accidentally touch it and use it again! Don’t waste it! Zhang Yuyu smiled as soon as he looked at Sumi’s nervousness. He turned around in a circle and gave a slap in the face to prove that he had no problem. “Jade jade, where is someone cursing himself?” I’m still squatting next time, don’t hurry! “Sumi looked at the face of Zhang Yuyu’s face, and he couldn’t smile.” Hey, hey! “Zhang Yuyu thinks that Sumi’s “God of God” is a little rare, but I still feel very cute when I see it occasionally. ☆, Chapter 321: Everyday meal “I really can’t take you, let’s go.” Let’s go back quickly. I am expecting to wait for the mother and two children. “It’s a bit hard to hold Zhang Yuyu in the hands of Sumy’s hand to buy the child and Zhang’s. It’s really safe to see Zhang Yuyu’s go.” Mother! You’re back! As soon as I entered the yard, the two children immediately rushed into the arms of Sumi. The happy look was like seeing Sumi for a long time. Sumi’s meeting was also a red-eyed thing. When I put it to the side, I reached out and hugged two children: “Is it not at home?” Ok? Have you eaten well? “Sumi is like two children, but it is just a daytime but it seems to have passed for a long time. This is how you like to hold two children but you don’t like it.” Cheng Zhi and Duo Duo are really obedient. It’s more obedie

said very strangely: “How old are you?” “Twenty years old.” She didn’t understand. “What’s wrong?” “You are so small!” Song Wenran seemed to be surprised, and then whispered very meaningfully. Said, “That seems, Zhou Huai early cattle to eat young grass, if he knew you two years ago, can not abduct underage?” “…” Only two days get along, Lu Xiao already understands that the girl is The typical mouth is unobstructed, and I don’t know what the temper is. But fortunately, the two of them walked behind, and the people in front could not hear. Song Wenran smiled and said: “No matter what, I think he seems to have changed a lot with you.” “Where changed?” She wondered. Song Wenran squinted his head and thought: “I am not very familiar with him, but he has a good relationship with my brother. Before they went out to play with these friends, I always used my brother to bring me. At that time, I always felt that he was quite Terrible.” “Awful?” Deer Xiao surprised. It is hard for her to think that someone will put this word on Zhou Huaichu. In her eyes, although his temperament is light, he finds that he is considerate and kind. How can it be terrible? Song Wenran is also a bit embarrassed: “That is, he is very serious and rarely talks to people who are not familiar, so I sometimes dare to fight with Shao Xuan, but never dare to let him in front of him, he should be very fierce?” No, he is very gentle.” Deer Xiao confession. “Oh…” Song Wenran pouted. “If he is not gentle to you, can you be with him?” “…” That’s right. After a while, Song Wenran thought of something, and suddenly said: “In fact, I can understand that his experience, for anyone, may be difficult to accept, he can survive strong, and still so good, I think it is already very I am admired.” Deer Xiao looked at her, but she could not understand her words at all. encounter? Is his leg, or something else? “What happened?” She blurted out. Song Wenran apparently collapsed. She was a little surprised: “You don’t know? It’s his own and their family. He seems

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