and the glory of the moon. However, in the overall situation, this is a fine detail, improper use. Lu Qian was in the cottage, and he heard the whistle of the roads constantly reporting. The South Road Army had already entered the middle bank of the East Coast, and only seven or eighty miles of roads were left from Liangshanpo. The flag of Gaochun still does not move, but his troops and horses are marching to Caizhen. And Liu Zhen in the northwest, and the Zhang Kai Department of the North Road Army have already joined together, and then there is Ma Zheng of the East Road, and also the water army from Dongping House to Pingyin in Jeju, and there is only one east from the city. A county. “This high trip is really calculated.” Lu Qian looked at Liang Shanbo North Road, a series of official military symbols, they all laughed. This North Road defense line is very weak, but the sorghum still leaves 30,000 water and land in the Liangshan Dazhai close to the foot, so that there will be an additional layer of protection. Lu Qian, unless it is not to Liangshan, otherwise it will be difficult to leave the Liangshan Dazhai with sufficient force to break the soldiers and soldiers of the North Road. The same is true, as is the case of Pingyin’s Ma Zheng. “Looking at it, if the cottage is to be comfortable, it must first break through the 30,000 water army.” Otherwise, it would be like a dagger in the heart. I don’t dare to force myself. On the Juyi Hall, all the leaders looked at the Guanjun camp in the middle of the waist of Shuibo East Road. At the beginning, more than one person proposed that the shipwreck blocked it, but was vetoed by Lu Qian. He thinks it is not necessary. In his heart, he did not believe that the so-called ten quarters were elite. Throughout the Middle Kingdom, he was able to see him in front of the Western Army, and there was no second army. The imperial court assembled a group of ten soldiers to practice, but it was not from the western army in the northwest that he had transferred 100,000 troops.