ou Try 10,000 times…” Hey! A crisp sound is like a spring thunder, echoing in the ears of everyone, this voice is so abrupt, even Pearson’s words are interrupted. “Don’t try 10,000 times.” Moline retracted his wand. Oh! The golden stone glass that blocked the door in front of us was so cracked into the ground debris in the eyes of the public! “What?” Shirley widened her eyes in surprise. “This is impossible!” Pearson looked at the debris in the ground with anger. Abyssin’s disdain in the classroom was also stagnant, and Tiffany, who leaned against the back of the chair, stood up. No one expected that Moline actually cracked Pearson’s Golden Stone Mantra! “Is it impossible? I remember that you said this last time.” Moline took a gold coin from his pocket, threw it in front of Pearson, and then slugged it back into his pocket. Pearson’s face is even more ugly than eating horse dung, not only because the proud stone curse was smashed by Moline, but also because Moline actually took out the gold coin to sway! He lost a big face in front of Moline last time. This time he wanted to get back, but he didn’t expect to be miscalculated again! Pearson hated that the roots almost chopped. “So which one is my seat? Hey, there are so many empty seats, then I just sit down.” Moline glanced around and found that the classroom was bigger than expected, and there were already seven in the classroom. Eight students are there, and apparently some people have not come, but the seven or eight students who have arrived are incredibly looking at Moline and looking at Pearson. The expression is rather odd. “Hey, Rose, it’s so smart, you are.” Moline found Rose in the corner and said absently. Rose is also looking at Moline in a weird look. She just joined the club this year, so she didn’t stand up and speak for Moline. After all, although she is smart in the same grade, she is still a new student, to other people. Not very familiar. The whole classroom was too quiet. In the end, Rose broke the silence: “Moline, how did you just crac