Wen looked at the routes that these babies rushed over, and there was a door in her heart. She immediately commanded, “The houseboats are snowing at night, throwing zha bombs. They are letting them react to the devout guild. This group is saying all the way.” Laughing to come over, where can be expected to have such a flying disaster, but a guild elite group in the usual, where there will be no longsighted Xi’an wedding car rental to provoke only the Xi’an wedding car rental to give them a way Who would have thought that here, they would encounter an ambush in a whole regiment, and this ambush was only a dozen of Xi’an wedding car rentals and a few burning zha bombs, many of the devout guilds Xi’an wedding car rental was immediately circled. They walked together in a group. The only members in the middle can see the Xi’an wedding car rental around the Xi’an wedding team. Where can you see the situation around this time? I only heard the sound, and suddenly it was a mess. “This is how it happened. Who threw the zha bomb” “I stepped on the trap. There is an ambush here.” Who told me what is going on? Do not crowd ah as president of the stateowned South sand naturally shocked, “how is it in command of the Pious Society of command fairly tricky, at this time, his mind Ji Ling, immediately shouted,” all cold Quietly hunting Xi’an wedding car rental to put a thief this skill, can show the shadow of the thief. Under a few light, the sand in the southern country finally saw the front, and not far away, it was Ni Wen who stood there with the dagger, and he saw a regretful expression. In the southern country, there is only a sudden increase in sweat. Chapter 199 South China has sand? In this game, who dares to say that the Xi’an wedding team meets the night songs in the wild and is not afraid at all, at least the southern country has sand. Today, it is not an exaggeration to say that Ni Wen is the most prestigious thief in the creation. Everyone knows that the operation of the night song is firstclass, and this level of