njury can only be so, and as for the wounded soldier, he can still live a name, and see if he can sneak past. … Under the city of Nishapur, the battle report was sent back one step before the firearms camp returned to the camp. Yue Fei saw the number of casualties in the battle report, and he was not shocked at all, but Zhu Wu, who was the right army division of the army, smiled. Especially to hear Arslan After the confidant had returned, he left the army center with a smile and Shi Xiangran rushed to the camp of the flower scorpion. “There are only fifty or sixty people in the dead, and there are fewer than one hundred injured?” Arslan looked at the confidant in front of him, and his eyes were full of incredulity. Five hundred muskets battled the three thousand Seljuk cavalry, and they only paid such a small price. They also killed several times the enemy. Is this the Arabian Nights of the Arabian Nights? If the person in front of him is not his cronies, Arslan can be sure that he will not betray himself, he must cut a knife and hack. Stupid fools? “My dear Sir, how can I deceive you? The Chinese have died so many, fifty or sixty, maybe even less than fifty. And they killed at least three hundred rides, no, four. Hundreds of rides. I can swear to the Buddha!” ??The cronies also know that what they said is somewhat ridiculous, but this is true. After a while, the firearmsmen will return to the camp. How many people are left at the time, and how many people have died and are at a glance. “How can a musket have such a large combat power?” Arslan already believed this fact in his heart, but he really couldn’t believe it. Zhu Wu turned two white jade balls in his hands. The whole person is not like a military officer of the army, but more like looking for the grandfather of Arslan. There is a calm atmosphere in the body. “How does Yinxian think of the musket? The soldiers have fewer enemies, more than 52 deaths and injuries, and more than 400 enemy squads. Is the weapon of the firepower comparable to the bow and ar