ment. Even wearing the gold armor that Chen ordered to send her, the back was still injured in two places, and the blood flowed. Fortunately, there are eleven. It is really flexible and flexible. It shuttles back and forth between the war horses. The soldiers of Xiqiao are not hurting it. Instead, they almost hurt Xi’an wedding car team Xi’an wedding car rental. If you leave it alone, it rushes up to bite the horse’s leg, chasing it and chasing it, and it is a headache for the Xiqiao soldiers. Mo Li was also annoyed, and the heart and the scent of the scent had been fixed, and it could not be supported for a long time, so he turned to attack eleven. He is an experienced veteran. It is easier for him to lead ten soldiers to deal with a dog than to deal with Xi Xiang. However, for a moment, the eleventh was worn by Mo Li’s gun. Through the forelimbs. It suddenly fell to the ground, and he was so painful that he was “screaming.” Mo Li also wanted to take the opportunity to take his dog’s life. He was hit by a roll on the ground and then sneaked away. Then it plunged into the grass. Fighting hard, the cross knife slashed toward the front limbs of Mo Li’s horse. The knife was sharp, and Xi Xiang was full of strength. The two legs of the horse were instantly cut off, and the screams fell to the ground. Li also fell from the horse immediately. Xi Xiang turned to Mo Li, and was overtaken by Mo Li, and turned to attack, and the backhand attacked Xi Xiang. Xi Xiangben wants to dodge, but he has more than enough energy. I can’t avoid it, I want to take it with a knife and lift it. Unexpectedly, Mo Li’s gun suddenly turned to the face, and went to her face, from the end of the eyebrow to the lower jaw, and scratched a deep visible fleshy wound. At this time, only listening to the hooves of the hooves from far and near, all Xi’an wedding car rentals follow the prestige, it is Chen Ling driving the carriage. He just saw a bloody Xi Xiang was hurt, his face suddenly sinks, Zema rushed over, and the Xiqiao soldiers who wan