official face of Su Ye after the report is finished, several powers, idols, star predecessors to teach them. At the end of the report, Su Ye put on a mask and sat in the corner of the last row of the window. Because he counted down, he had already turned sexually… Fu Qing saw him sitting in the seat through the live video. For a moment, he didn’t even change his eyes. He just took a mask and took a sigh of gas. He sneaked his hand on the chest of the Xi’an wedding team. It seemed to confirm whether the chest was bulging… In his system interface, there are 29 fullhearted Xinan wedding car rentals, which means he has 29 minutes of denaturation time. Fu Qing’s live broadcast in the barrage president control: Niubi, Su Ye, how is he tied chest? I don’t see the clothes that are tied to the chest of E! Just across his Tshirt, it just looks like the chest muscles are a little thick. Can he really breathe? ? Yan Control: 5555 Su Ye’s younger brother so that Xi’an wedding car rental is distressed, tied with a certainty is particularly uncomfortable, comments also smashed him to wear a mask, I look at the comments look good! Ask the anchor to turn off the comment! Passing by: Nori is a man, Xi’an wedding car rental is bold, straight males dare to turn. Former husband control: There are still 29 cautions in the wild, why not? Good use. Because he wants to keep the key time, for example, when he has to talk, the voice will become a female voice after his sexual turn. In the first vocal class, the professional singer teacher first called his name and let him Sing a short song to show it. Su Ye used a heart and heart, changed back to the male to stand up and pulled down the mask and said: “I am learning, did not learn a complete song. The teacher asked him to sing a piece of it, you can listen to any song, usually. Let him and everyone know about his tone. Fu Qing looked at the camera and Su Yuan seemed to think about it. She remembered that he did… I didn’t listen to the song, I didn’t see him listening or sang,