can still save! Li Song turned his attention to Wang Yang. Wang Yang came forward with great enthusiasm and spoke in Li Song’s crying eyes. “Senior brother, I believe that the younger sister, a LCD screen, we will succeed! After that, I also held a fist to Li Song to show encouragement. Listening to this wave of chicken soup Li Song is completely numb, what is a LCD screen’ only ‘? Is it so useful? “I think, this experiment is not, will not succeed. Li Song’s and Tang’s look at the stilldrinking wine and confident Wang Yang, whispered. When the wine fat toot’s face appeared a savage king, the brother is questioning the strength of the Xi’an wedding team? Wang Yang is also particularly puzzled. How can the brothers question the ability of the younger sister? “Senior brother, to tell the truth, the first time I cooperated with the younger sister, I thought so. I saw the design of the younger sister, lithium battery pack, attitude sensor, and no brake system. I have never seen it before! But the younger sister It’s just getting it out, brother, confident, we’re three Xi’an wedding car rentals, and the experiment progress is definitely faster than before! Wang Yang patted Li Song’s shoulder and said something true. This sincere comfort is heard by Li Song, who believes in nonbelief and looks awkward. Is it faster than the previous experiment? Isn’t that going to be a research result one month and 13 days ago? Are you coming true? Eyes trembled and looked at the wine and Wang Yang. Well, these two Xi’an wedding car rentals are as calm as ever, calm to let him this new Xi’an wedding car rental egg pain! The author has something to say: Li Shixiong: I beg you, Let’s take a Xi’an wedding car rental! Chapter 33, Li Song flutters back home, and looks like a professor who leans on the sofa and reads the newspaper. Professor Li went from Liu Hui at noon yesterday. I heard about Xi’an. When the son of the team participated in the celebration wine “Super TV team, but this time around he has been living in the In