f resentment. He took out all kinds of powerful curses and tried to defeat them. But those curses were swallowed by flames without exception. He could only condense a violent squad around him. In the hurricane, these hurricanes rotate and keep the flames out. Moline originally wanted to let the flames get involved in the hurricane, but Peyend Gade had suffered a loss in the painting last time and had learned the lesson. His wind was enough to bring the flame away from his side. It was hard for Moline to let the flames engulf Peyin Gade. He did not hesitate. After trapping Peyin Gade, he immediately rushed out of the flames and saw Arnock hit by Aguliba. , falling down towards the bottom! “Annock!” Moline immediately phantomly moved to the bottom of Arnock, pulling Anok and pulling the wand down. The trees below quickly stretched out and the branches formed a strong canopy. They caught two people. Arnock looked extremely pale, and there was a burn on his left arm. There was a black gas on the whole body. “Nothing?” Moline asked. Arnock pointed his wand at his chest, stripped the black gas out of his body, and shook his head: “No way, he knows how to crack my magic, plus a magical Ira that fully restores strength, can’t stop “Are you okay?” “I can’t kill Peyngade, but trap him in the flames.” Moline turned to look at Peyin Gade, who was still desperately trying to get rid of the flames. The huge fireball that trapped Pey Gheide had become more and more The weaker it is, the more I can’t wait for Peyin Ged. Moline sighed: “If you let me close to the stone arches early–” “This matter has not been discussed!” Arnock interrupted Moline’s words angrily. Moline looked up and saw that Aguliba and Moira had each issued a purple curse, and they fell from the sky. He slammed Arnock and leaped a flame at his feet and jumped out. The purple curse is like a terrible blade. It suddenly shatters the big tree they are standing on, smashes the tree directly into powder, and draws a crack that stretches for hundreds of meters on th