er. Otherwise, if anything can be put on, the game of COC running group will have no meaning, just like the biohazard becomes a matchless game.” Well, I will consider it. 】 The beautiful thing back to the beach with the things, cleaned up all over the body, the sea of ??the moon is salty, this should be washed with water after cleaning in the sea, otherwise it will be dried. Salted fish, but now there is no clear water in the flaps, it can only be just a matter of reason, a sense of salty fish and a bloody smell, the flaps choose the former, after all, the bloody smell of what the flap is really unacceptable. Following the carriage’s trajectory, the flaps returned to the lost forest, and then just wait for the moon to come out, but today it seems to be hungry, there is no fire props, the fruit does not dare to eat, the fish caught I don’t know if it can be eaten, then it is still not practical. While waiting for the moon to come out, there was a glimmer of fire between the wings. Is there a fire in life? I rushed to the place where the fire was shining. The flaps heard some talking voices from the creatures. Looking through the bushes, some strange creatures were holding consciousness. There was a dead monster lying on them. in the middle. It’s a nightingale.. [484.485. That, I’ve got a hand with Nordens, do you believe it? ] It’s true that the nightingale is correct, and the flaps are recognized. Of course, the role played now is not known. “KP, can you marry a Cthulhu myth?” [Of course. 】 【. Rd=81, obviously, your decision failed. Looking at the monsters in front of you, you have no way of knowing what the other party is, but you can clearly understand what they mean, and the appearance of the other person does not seem to be too scary for you. If you use a word to describe you now , then it is commonplace. 】 “Wait?! Is it commonplace?! My character card seems to be a new one?” [When the man died before you, did you see that I had a will check? 】 “Don’t it be dark?” Surprised! God fucking is commonplace

camp. It’s hard to be good now.” Han Cunbao’s face was ugly. There are many people in Liangshan Jun, and he does not look at it. But the only thing that can be affirmed is that it is far more than the official army in the camp, and it is full of morale, far better than the soldiers in the camp. Their troubles were really big this night. Non-Han Bunbao is swaying, but telling the truth. Chapter 293 The people themselves are the people of Lu Qian, and the mountains and rivers are the sound of the drums of Lu Qian. The high-pitched sorghum and Han Cunbao, who were stunned by the accounts, were shocked. The two quickly went out to see. Seeing a fire rising from the sky, thousands of lights flashed outside the camp, seeing the flags fluttering, the knife and the forest. The most radiant place, a group of characters in the apricot yellow banner on both sides, the armor is bright, and it is not customary to know from afar. Among the two flags of “For Heaven, Except for Violence and Anliang”, there is a banner of “Liang”. A horse-riding army rushed out and shouted: “Liangshan Bolu big head is here, there is a request for General Han to come out to answer.” “How did this thief emirate arrived here at this time?” It’s no problem that his plan is defeated, but he also wanders himself. Han Cunbao quietly waited for Gao Song to calm down. This call is still polite. If he can make his own decision, he will jump out and go out, but now he has sorghum around him. People have been half a century old, and Han Cunbao is not the ‘unconventional thing’ of the year. “The generals are going to go, so I can listen to the plans of one or two thieves.” Gao Yan’s lips are squatting. Han Cunbao got the permission of Gao Song, and then went to the 35th and 50th soldiers of the horse. Until the camp was outside, he saw the big arm of the distant place. One person was all supported by the soldiers. It was expected that Lu Qian would bother and shouted: “The big Song Yunzhong Yanmen Festival makes Han Cunbao here.” Lu Qian also hit the ho

ow he needs to think about how to find out who has all the fresh information. The eighty-fourth chapter of the strong team and the weak team is still not much eyebrows, even if they found the law of students with amnesia, but if you can’t know the birth month of all students, you still can’t know who is going to be the next one. Hugo is still very eager to investigate this matter clearly, so every time he goes to class, he will take the opportunity to chat with other students and inquire about other people’s birthdays. “After asking a dozen or so, there is no one who meets the requirements. Ravenclaw’s Garth is in December, but he was born on the 11th.” Hugo said with some regrets. “The four college freshmen add up to at least two hundred? You don’t expect anything to do so.” Moline shook his head. He was taking a herbal class and shoveling a dragon to the pot. There is a dark red fire-breathing orchid. Once the plant feels dangerous, it will spurt out some juice. The juice will catch fire when it meets the air, so they must be careful to spray the fire orchid and not let it feel threatened. “What should we do? Wait for the same thing to happen again. If the last student was found by him and let the black magic finish, isn’t it too late?” Hugo reached out and touched the center of the fire-fighting orchid branch. A piece of red spot, as long as you gently touch its erythema, you can make the fire-fired orchids not fired for a while. Their task is to fertilize the fire-breathing orchids and trim the branches and leaves. “We don’t even know what these so-called black magic is. In addition to the markers of Grindelwald and Voldemort, there is nothing strange about it. Your mark has been wiped out by me inexplicably.” Moline wears fire protection. The dragonskin gloves carefully picked up the scissors. He and Hugo treated the fire-breathing orchids. When the scissors approached, the fire-blasting orchids shook abruptly, and the tip of the leaves curled up and aimed at him. Hugo quickly touched the red spot to calm th

are definitely black. When the Navy completely opened up the Goryeo level, the salt could even be sold to Korea. “Zhang Jun, Zhang Jun, and come.” A quarter of an hour is fleeting. The salt warehouse supervision shouted loudly. Zhang Jun, who had just picked up the water scoop, was only a stagnation for a second. He reacted, dropped the water scoop and ran forward. “What is your brother sending?” Supervision is their top superior. If you blame these people, you will only be able to play with you in accordance with the regulations. Naturally, under the rule of Liangshan, the officials and the public are all strict, and the bureaucracy is not a curse. No one dares to ask for money. But no one has eaten a bear and a leopard to provoke them? Really so strong, not dead on the sand, how come the hero in prison? This supervises the surname, but it is not a squat. At this moment, I looked at Zhang Jun up and down, as if I had pulled out a treasure in the loess. “Zhang Jun, you have worked hard in the past, and people are honest. We all say that good people have good reports. So good men, there will be good in the future. The future is true. It is fulfilled, and your life is rich and deep. Today, there are noble people who come to this place and look at you at a glance.” “You have suffered hard in the past, and will inevitably develop after a long time. According to your martial arts, this Table characters, and then appreciate the nobles, after a long time, you can not have a good future. At that time, you must not forget your brother.” “咕”, Zhang Jun swallowed, the eyes of the thirsty dice were full of moisture. “Zhang Jun can be a leader in a prisoner, relying on supervision and care. Brother knows what is awkward, Zhang Jun is not a sinful villain. It is annoying to give an explicit indication. In the future, there will be a day of development, and we will not forget today’s grace.” “You just don’t worry. This is a real good place. In front of the nobles, only the truth is said, Hugh is concealed.” Then Zhang Jun saw

and white. “Abominable, hateful. Grasshoppers in the district also dare to insult the country.” The current anger is unstoppable. Directly issued a letter called the Jingmao Road, the state of the military and horses to seize the time to gather, while the people chasing the summer mission, indicating that the ambassador to be the king of the Western Xia, and Xixia as soon as possible. He also transferred the Northwestern elite, and strangled the thief. “The old man will wash the shame of today.” Such a punch on the table is like a hateful anger. Chapter 313 The human heart is gathering in the Yangshan Valley. On the opposite side of Mengzhou, there was no such thing as the Yellow River’s natural danger, and he hurriedly led the troops back to Damingfu. No way, he has limited strength, and the Yellow River has diverted several branches since the sun, and the water flow has been greatly reduced. This is the most lenient of several tributaries. The river is wide, the water flow is gentle, and there are many ferries crossing the river. Open the defense can not be prevented, can only lead the retreat. After all, that big name is far stronger than Mengzhou City. As long as you don’t venture out of the city, there are so many soldiers and horses in hand, with the city’s young and strong, open and self-righteous. So wait until the court to transfer the Western Army, sweeping the thief, the country can regain peace. After the opening of this kind of action, after passing to Yanggu, it was called a wave in the Liangshan Bojun. “Isn’t my brother really want to die for a Lu Junyi under the big city of Jianming?” Yang Zhi is not depressed. How wise is this Lu Dazhai master in the past, and now the key moments are falling off the chain? The Green Face Beast is a staunch supporter of the soldiers entering Gyeonggi Province. Xu Ning, a golden gunner who is even less vocal than Lin Chong, does not agree with Lu Qianqiang’s fight against the famous government. “Zhang Kai is a year old, and he is old-fashioned. It is not the same

drive her home!” “She should be locked up!” Many teenagers shouted, and some characters The impulsive actually picked up the stone on the ground and slammed it toward it. “Stop, you are a fool.” Moline kept Enron behind him, and the stones that came over didn’t have a piece of peace, and they were all transferred to other places by Moline. He looked at the group of ignorant people with anger, and safely saved Horace. Holles actually took a bite, and other people were so ignorant, so insulting, really uncultivated. “I am not a freak, I am not a freak…” Enran flustered and retired. She cried out. She wiped her tears and suddenly turned and ran towards the woods on the river bank. “Enron wait, you are certainly not a freak!” Moline quickly chased it, but Enron ran very fast. When she ran over, the ground suddenly appeared a bush, blocking Moline’s road. Lin couldn’t catch the flash on the bush and almost fell. This time everyone saw the bushes that were growing abnormally. Some people were already scared to scream, and even Majeri was shocked. “Ah! It really is a monster!” Many people hid behind Ma Jieli and were scared and white. “Enron, don’t go, wait, we have something to tell you.” Moline kicked the bushes in front of him, but when he passed around, Enron had disappeared into the woods. “How does she run so fast?” Hugo also caught up. “I don’t know, she may be too afraid to use some magic. She won’t control the magic. If something goes wrong, it’s not good. We hurry to find her.” Moline turned around and looked at the river. On the side of Hollers, he was very angry, and he did not see any movements. It was just a thought. The stone at the foot of Holles suddenly rolled. He was kicked and his body “plopped” and fell into the river. “You stupid guy, don’t want others to save, then simply go into the water!” Moline just punishes Holles, he knows that Majeri is next to him, will rescue this guy, and now turn around and turn into the woods. Run away. “Help! I can’t swim! Help!” Hollerth threw himself in the river,

child. My mother is very Will lick soup. “Then you are very good.” ” “Yes. For a while, she suddenly wondered him: “Will you cook?” Zhou Huai first squatted and then shook his head: “No. As she imagined, where people like him would cook, Lu Xiao said: “Oh, I don’t know.” When she finished speaking, she didn’t know what Zhou Huaichu had thought of. It seemed like a reflection. He said slowly: “It seems that cooking is a problem in the future.” Deer Xiao is puzzled: “What is the problem?” Zhou Huai began to sink, didn’t answer her, just said: “But it doesn’t matter, this can be learned.” “Oh. Deer Xiao surprised: “You have to learn to cook?” ” “Ok. “It’s very troublesome to learn to cook. Are you so busy and have time?” “No way, there must be someone who will.” He paused and squinted at the rice in her bowl that was about to bottom out, and the bowl full of soup. It seemed to be a headache: “I feel that it is more cost-effective to raise a house. His speechless expression made her feel like her food was a big problem. But is this related to her? She is just a little more than a normal girl. Deer Xiaoxiao smiled, then strange: “Is your salary very small? “I have to think about what is not worthwhile for a meal? However, he is so famous as a scientist, and there is such a cow’s performance. The salary will definitely not be less.” Zhou Huaichu replied: “It’s okay, but it’s scientific research.” In fact, the treatment is not as good as everyone thought. She took a bite of meat and was even more confused: “But your car has changed so often, it is also a luxury car, it should be worth a lot.” There is this house, such a good location. It doesn’t look like the poor! He shook his head: “That’s not what I bought.” ” “what? He added: “My father sent it.” “Deer Xiao: “…” Is there a difference?! After dinner, she remembered what she said, so she went to Zhou Huaichu. “You will give me the information you need to translate now. Anyway, I am fine, I will start in a while.” do it. I did not expect that Zhou Huai was a glimpse

ws that ordinary wizards can’t deal with those monsters. If those monsters come over, I am afraid Caused a riot, no level of Arnock, the wizard is completely helpless to these monsters. “More bad.” Hufflepuff’s answer is simple. “Is it worse than this?” “I can’t explain it to you too clearly. I am just a consciousness left by magic.” Hufflepuff whispered: “But stopping this door from being opened is undoubtedly the most crucial.” “I’m already stopping, or do you think I’m doing this for a while? Traveling around the world?” Moline muttered. “But you may have forgotten that my current level of magic is not comparable to that of an adult wizard.” —” Under the guidance of Arnock, he mastered a lot of spells and deformations. The only downside is that these spells are more than enough for the same age, but he has no chance of winning the real magical wizard. The last time his coma curse hit Lucas, he couldn’t completely knock Lucas out. Lucas’s magical ability is higher than him. It can offset some of the power of the stun spell. “Magic relies not on the strength of the spell,” Hufflepuff said. “A really good wizard is not because his spell is better than others, but that he is more capable of adapting than others.” “This is too arrogant.” Molin spread his hand. He found Hufflepuff’s words a bit familiar. Then he remembered that Arnock used to tell him the truth. He estimated that Hufflepuff’s words were found in his mind. However, he felt that when he faced Lucas and the old witch, the ability to adapt to the situation did not work very well, especially the old witch, when the magic spell was launched, it was the same as the Muggle machine gun. Can’t find a chance. “If the twelve black cubes are the keys to the stone arches, there are those weird patterns under the black magic cubes. So, the Adams family, the Clive family, and the ancestors of Enron are the ones who guard the key to the stone arch. ?? Sweet and Enron eyes have that weird pattern, and the origin of the Adams family is also shortly after the establi

adjust the body. Instead of fighting, the flaps are basically solved in a short period of time – pulling the knife and closing the knife. This mimicry is definitely the most suitable for flaps. Eighty percent of the physical resistance, although there is no ability to return blood, but it is really easy to use, of course, this love is also very good, although Less than 10% resistance, but there is a root skill that allows the flaps to enter a state of frequent immunization, which in turn makes the flaps some people do not know what clothes to choose, to really say The clothes of Azure Nova and the clothes of the corpse are very easy to use. The blue star can continue to restore the value of San, and the clothes of the corpse will return to the blood after passing through the body. Dissolved love clothes can immunize a mortal attack and survive the shield, while nothing is directly 80% physical resistance. “Four clothes, just one for everyone.” The blue star’s clothes are wearing on the body of Yae Sakura, and the dress made of mucus is also covered by the flaps. The mimetic in the hands is not replaced. There are also some trade-offs. Is to use 10% of the damage immunity in exchange for an immunization attack skills, or not to change.. Finally, the flaps still decided not to change, for the determination of 4D6, 70% and 80% completely There is not much difference. At most, it is a little more, one less. And the lesser one has the ability to be immune to death. Simply packed up things and spoils, and the flaps looked back at the empty bell tower. Before the battle with nothing, the others had already escaped, but the flaps were still able to see a few figures not far away. At the stop, they apparently witnessed the recent battle. Although they wanted to thank the flaps but did not dare to move forward because of the existence of Yae Sakura, the ability of Yae Sakura has surpassed the boundaries of humanity no matter how they look. “..KP, I want to investigate the clock tower.” This is a place that was blown up in

Li Yuanying” slammed the ground and asked him what happened. Li Xiaoyuan said: “Yeye is gone, not taking me. His voice is a little sad, ask Li Yuanying, “Yeye likes me?” He believes most, he will not lie to him. Li Yuanying used the head of the Xi’an wedding team to touch the head of Li Xiaoyuan. He said, “Of course I like it. It’s just going to seal the road too far. You have your brother and sister in your belly, so I will leave you. Your grandfather. Going to the fief, the only man in the family is only you, and you are the pillar of the family in the future! Li Xiaoyuan’s eyes are bright and proud to say: “The pillars! The man Han Li Xiaoyuan did not need Li Yuanying to hug, and struggled to the ground. The Xi’an wedding team rushed to the inner room and rushed to the side of the village to retell Li Yuanying’s theory of the pillars and columns, and he was very happy. After Li Yuanying finished Li Xiaoyuan, he went to chase Li Er to take them down and returned to the palace. Li Yuanying followed Li Erzhen down to the Chamber of Deputies. He said, “I have a firm look that I have to say. Li Erzhen will take him and Li Chenghao brought him to the council and asked him what new ideas he had. Li Yuanying dragged a small pad to sit next to Li Erzhen, and Li Erzhen said that the Xi’an wedding team had planned to go. Dai Ting went for a trip. Tubo, opened the road, the Xi’an wedding car rental behind it became. So this year, he is going to let Daiting go in the other direction, so that the whole Tubo will go over and know where there are good things. Li Yuanying said: “When I called Dai Ting to sort out the experience of coming out, we can know where the Tubo is fun and what is delicious. Li Erxia and Li Chengyu looked at each other and nodded and said: “Yes. I really want to be able to walk Tubo all the time. It is not only to find out what is delicious and fun, but even the old bottom of Xi’an wedding car rental house has been thoroughly understood. Li Yuanying said: “I used to think that all the birds and be

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