t, they Xi’an wedding car rental into the land of Xue County, along the route of several legions are marching north. At the same time, about two hundred miles away from Xuejun, the Han army’s fourth mixed army and the sixth mixed army, they are relying on the four cities of Xiangxian, Xiayu and Shanmu, some of which are in the wild. The other part is in the city, and the Tian Rong Corps, who is back to the east, is engaged in various places. Because Tian Rongbing returned to the north, Zhao Jun also retired early, leaving the 70,000 Yan army, which was left in the middle of the Sanchuan County and Qin Jun. After Zhao Jun and Qi Jun successively gave up the running of the road, they could only choose to leave the army before the Qin army reacted. The direction he chose was different from that of Tian Rong. Tian Rong had to go east in order to share the pressure of Linyi. The Yan army chose to go straight to Dongjun after a period of confusion. Because the blocked news channel was interrupted, Zhao Guo’s information from the alliance was not sent to the Sanchuan line. Tian Rong and He did not know that Zhao Guo’s Xi’an wedding car had joined the Han Dynasty. At the beginning of the squad, the army did not have any special things. When it entered the East County, it was a bad mold. They first encountered some cavalry attacks by the First Cavalry Corps of the Han army. The army also launched an attack. The Han army attacked the Yan army. After all, the Xi’an wedding car rental actually entered the state of war, but was Zhao Jun attacking the Yan army wrong? For this reason, I was sent to ask questions, and I was told that Zhao Guo is no longer an ally of the Yan State. Instead, it is an ally of the Han Kingdom. Not only is it awkward, any Yan Guos who heard this information are stupid. Lost. At this time, Qin Jun, who had been staying at the front line of Sanchuan, also had an action. The Qin army, who had been in the 70,000, did not chase the Qi army. They followed the road that Yan Jun had traveled directly to t

le of Baiyue people together. The two-day battle was rejected. Many of the five hundred main Xi’an wedding car rentals were full of grievances. After they were summoned, they responded to Lu Zhe’s salute and then turned around. It seems that they would have dirty eyes when they looked at Lu Zhe. After carefully observing the Baiyue people who had fought in the battle, Lu Zhe saw a lot of people turning their eyes on himself when he recovered. He smiled and smiled a little. The country’s team officials did not have any opinion on Lu Zhe. They looked at the five hundred masters of the Qin army with different expressions. It is estimated that they did not want to understand when the rigid Qin army had such a rich expression. Before Qin’s collapse, Qin Jun was known for his strong discipline and stereotypes. This Qin army, which can be used for good warfare, was unanimously recognized as one of the strongest troops of the modern era. Many of the team officers have worked with Qin Jun. They know the horror of the Qin army. At this time, being summoned together seems to be somewhat restrained. “Junjun!” Lu Zhe, who is sleeping in Xi’an wedding car rental, has such a reading spirit: “Zhu Jun and listen to me.” Seeing his smile so happy, someone must be arrogant in his heart. However, they still looked at Lu Zhe and waited. “Look at the Baiyue people.” Lu Zhe was not affected by the eyes that everyone despised. He pointed to the Baiyue people who fought: “Compared with the Baiyue people in the previous two days, you can see the Baiyue people today.” Is there any difference?” Except for a few military officers turning around, more officers appeared to be absent-minded. Two days later, from the time when I learned about the rebellion in Gangneung and now I have been renting a car for two days in Xi’an, they can only stay here and not spend time with Baiyue. Wowo, anxious, with this feeling, the five hundred masters have to go to appease the subordinates, they do not have Lu Zhe’s eloquence, and it is a madness. If it

r hearts. They can see that Lu Zhe did not want to kill the Chu stick. On the contrary, Lu Zhe is not willing to see Chu. Destroy the country. Very strange mentality, after all, the two sides are hostile relations, and the two forces Xi’an wedding car rental saw the real chapter on the battlefield, but Lu Zhe obviously does not want Chu to be destroyed. They are not delusional themselves, they are judged from some routines and personalities of Lu Zhe. Wei Han is weak enough? If Lu Zhe is willing, he can crush a finger at will, but no, Lu Zhe smashes Wei Han to get Chen County and become the owner of the county. Why don’t you crush Wei Han? They made countless kinds of guesses, and finally recognized It is not stupid for Lu Zhe. On the contrary, it is very clever. It is not good for Wei Han to finish the reading of Lu Zhe. On the contrary, if Wei Han is crushed, it will give people the impression of a wolf ambition. Wei Han, who is close to being able to crush himself, is not only left to help, but also what kind of thoughts does Lu Zhe think? They would think that Lu Zhe did not have much ambition. At best, he was a person who wanted to be self-reliant. He did not think about doing anything to read the burning of smoke, but even destroying the country, destroying the ancestral temple and breaking people. Too deceptive, but no one can say that Lu Zhe is not, Lu Zhe hits Baiyue, swallows Qin Jun, and Chu Chujun, that is all others rushed over, how to see is not Lu Zexian hands, shouting “I It is for self-protection. No one can refute. “Xi’an wedding car hire Lu Shizhe this person, can not be strong, can not be hard, can not be soft, can not be weak.” Xiang Bo’s eyes are full of wisdom: “Be patient, have to pay attention to whatever Lu Shizhe said We listen to the attitude seriously. We only need a gesture now, we are here to seek peace, whether it is to fight, first squat, give the world people a look at our sincerity.” Jing Hao is not reconciled, Lu Zhezhe, Killing the Chu people and insulting the Chu State, they

It should not have much impact. I heard that this ship has been visited four times. This is the fifth time. This route is very familiar. Chapter 86 Ganmei “Well. Yan Changqing should have a voice, after she licked her hair, her eyes flashed a smile. The two Xi’an wedding car rental did not go out, but used breakfast in the house, with When I finished the breakfast, I arrived in the afternoon and the time. I really brought back a lot of news. “It’s not clear to the destination of this trip with a group of Xi’an wedding cars on board. I don’t know what to do. What to do, only those Xi’an wedding car rentals that were previously on board were known. When he sat on one side, he said with a slight sigh, and chose to turn a blind eye to the two masters who were almost tired together. I have long been used to it. “They were very scared. When the words were few, they said this at the moment. After looking up at Yan Changxi, they hurriedly took back their eyes and continued to say: “But they can’t leave here. What he said is those who were originally on board, or the survivors of the fourth batch. Those Xi’an wedding car rentals know where the ship is going and what they are going to do. They have already experienced it. Even when I was inquiring about it, I found out that there was Xi’an wedding car rental and even the third and second batch of Xi’an wedding car rental. For these Xi’an wedding car rentals, the feelings they are about to face are rather complicated, seemingly fearful and intoxicating. The scared Xi’an wedding car rental is the fourth batch of Xi’an wedding car rentals. They just experienced it once, but they are very afraid of those things. “The ship’s main Xi’an wedding car rental is to catch the Kraken? Yan Changxi stretched out his hand and pushed the face of Yan’s long neck and looked at the neck. He said to the third time. “There were no accidents and nodded.” They called those things. For the Kraken, but in the Xi’an wedding car rental Mr. Lin mouth, also called those things is Xi’an wed

disappeared in countless attacks. Five light and shadow giants disappeared, and everyone immediately rushed up and continued to rush toward the end of the road to heaven. However, after hundreds of meters of the road to the sky, the light and shadow giants appeared again, this time the number is as many as ten. Ten light and shadow giants sealed the road to the sky, and launched an attack against these creatures who entered the path of the sky. Chapter 325 Endless Treasure “Killing Xi’an Wedding Car Rental” Some people snarled, and the endless demon, deaf and human beings launched an attack. Although there are always devils and monks who are killed, the ten light and shadow giants still can’t resist this crazy attack. Only supported for less than three minutes, the ten light and shadow giants Xi’an wedding car rental vanished and disappeared. Xi’an wedding car rental all the way from time to time there are light and shadow giants appear, but they have been destroyed by demons and monks. Gradually, the Xi’an wedding car rental is beyond the vision that Bai Ou can see. What he can see is only the endless demon scorpion who continues to rush to the road of the sky and head toward the end. Suddenly, Bai Ou saw a group of extraterrestrial demons appearing in a Xi’an wedding car rental three meters long with four snow-white wings of the evil spirits. This four-winged demon is obviously the leader of these tens of thousands of demons, and he has also entered the road of heaven. White Europe was slightly indulged, and finally decided to enter the road to heaven, to see what happened. Fortunately, whether it is a demon or a deaf person or a human being, the three parties are still peacefully coexisting. The idea of ??all people is the same, that is, first join hands to reach the end of the road to the Lucheng. Bai Ou thought of a move, the figure moved, Xi’an wedding car rental across the government city, into the road of the sky, mixed in between the group of evil spirits and monks, rushed forward. At the end of the road

even years, then in respect of your generation set foot on the stage of history slightly “” Earth degradation “- author:! death anglers chap. A hundred years of vicissitudes (repair) White Europe sat in the classroom and looked at everything in front of him. He is a sophomore, just in the math class he is least interested in, and fell asleep. When he woke up, he realized that something was wrong. The empty Xi’an wedding car rental in the classroom has no other students, only one person. The desks and chairs around have become rotten and dusty. The corners of the classroom are all spider webs, which look like abandoned houses that were abandoned. “What is going on?” Bai Ou stood up fiercely and looked terrified. His first reaction was to rush out of the classroom. When he arrived at the corridor and saw everything in front of him, he was shocked again. The corridors and walls are full of vine plants such as creepers. This is a six-storey teaching school. He is now on the third floor of the corridor. He saw a towering tree in front of him. It is taller than the six-story building. Any one of them needs four or five people. Can you hold together. In the panic of White Europe, looking at the building around him, he can be sure that it is indeed the third middle school of Nan’an he attended. Only a few buildings in the third middle school are new buildings that are only one or two years old. Because it is a new campus, the green areas are some newly planted small trees. Where are so many towering trees? The third middle school in front of you, like a vicissitudes of a hundred years, was abandoned a long time and was assimilated by plants and forests. White Europe is full of fear, and all of them are shaking. If at the beginning he still doubts who this is, he will move himself to an abandoned classroom to scare himself. Now he can be sure that this is not a prank, but a real thing. “This school, what happened in the end.” “Is it through the future? So the school Xi’an wedding car rental was abandoned and turned into a

o get married in a few days, but I don’t have time to attend, and the assistant is going to take me.” Oh, there is a Xi’an wedding car rental with the title of general manager is busy. Beibei grinned: “The second generation of weddings really has nothing to participate in, but the wedding I have to attend with Shen is not the same. Ji Baiwen is too lazy to care about the fall of Tang Beibei, continue to drink the soup of Xi’an wedding team, suddenly think of what Carrying a look at the soup, which is familiar and eager to say, and asked. “Would you like to attend the privileged wedding?” The dignitaries can’t talk about it, but it is more gimmick than the dignitary. It is the Xi’an wedding car rental that the dignitaries must pay homage! “Not a big Xi’an wedding car rental, is a … master. Ji Baiwen: … boring. After the election, Ji Baiwen reacted, asked: “When is The master of the monk? Amount… Tang Beibei squinted, there is a subtle sense of never being. Ji Baiwen continued: “The son of Xi’an wedding car rental business partner who invited me to the wedding was a monk who had been a monk for several years… Tang Beibei: … Ji Baiwen: “It was still popular last year. Tang Beibei: … Ji Baiwen: “I think, we should attend the wedding of the same Xi’an wedding car rental, um, that is the great master you just said. Tang Beibei: …: December 25 , Beibei, Shen Shi, Ji Baiwen, Shu Yao went to the wedding scene of Master Gu. The fifth chapter of the master’s wedding banquet. Very noisy. The more wealthy and styled wedding banquet, the quieter, even if the highbuds are full, full of Dangdang, everyone is also Gathered in a very festive environment, admiring the new Xi’an wedding car rental on the stage. Questioning… What is the very feeling environment? Hey, in a nutshell, it is almost elegant, festive, festive decoration Romantic, romantic hidden… The taste of money burning ~~~~ In short, there is a feeling of burning fuel when you walk into the scene! Refer to the standards such as… Let’s “Don’t be so p

e no one knows how many Qinjun soldiers will choose to stay. Xi’an wedding car rental has experienced two times, and the Qin army soldiers in the camp saw some people posted notices and immediately surrounded the past. what? ” “do not know. “” Xuan? He is literate. Please come over and read it? The soldiers pay attention to what is written on the notice. It is because the two lists are too big. The first time is rumor, the second time is to announce the army and the field, so that the attention will be posted. What is the content of the notice Not surprisingly, some people are still looking forward to having better things than getting military and amu. Although the officers are very concerned about what the notice will be written, the thing they want to do most is to explore the slogan of the direct official of Xi’an wedding car rental. In any era, what kind of status is in which status, the angle of view will definitely be different. The higher the standing, the more you know than the average person. It is more complicated to know that more thoughts are, and that is the so-called long-term vision. “What!? Want us to choose?” What to choose? Nature is the choice to stay or return to Qin. “The situation is complicated, Daqin and Lu Hou will inevitably engage in war. We are discarded in the South as abandoning sons, and some choose Xi’an wedding car rental is not bad.” “The earlier rumors about killing us, let us go to the south to die, etc. Is it true?” “It’s a conspiracy of Zhao and Chu people, and we want to put us to death.” “This…” It’s actually a conspiracy, nothing. The soldiers and even the junior officers know very little. They just wonder why the former moment was a southward rebellion. The next moment became a non-reverse thief, but Luqin Hou and Zhengnan General of Daqin. In short, it is not. I don’t think so much about the situation. This level of military junta can be regarded as a layer of officers in the Qin Jun Xi’an wedding car rental. They know far more than ordinary soldiers. They have

eveal a mysterious expression, and also lowered the voice of the speech: “There will be Such determination is a treasure in the south, a very important treasure. Lu Zhe Xi’an wedding car rental experiment, Ma Xin, grabbed two seasons of rice from Baiyue, because almost every county has selected many counties as experimental fields. It is impossible to want to keep secrets. Most of the countries are rumors. However, it does not prevent them from taking it out as a reason why Lu Zhe is desperate to go south. The problem is that Lu Zhe’s heart is firmly correct, but it does not mean that when the north has a cheaper position, it will not intervene. Now the world’s general trend is Qi, Yan, Zhao, and Xiongnu should work together to attack Qin. Lu, Wei, Han, and Chu became the party to watch the drama. Do they dare to try their best to fight with others? If you don’t try to fight, you can attack Qin. As a party to attack Qin, the biggest trouble now is that Xi’an wedding car rental is not Qin Guo itself. It is Lu Zhe’s tiger who is lying on the sidelines waiting to watch the show, and does not know how to watch it. Will not suddenly rush to grab a meal at a certain time, or simply take a bite to swallow. Qi, Yan, Zhao, Xiongnu prepared for the attack of Qin for two years, they almost did everything, alone Lu Zhe’s rapid The rise to the calculation of the leak, the result has become this appearance. Attacking Qin Xi’an wedding car rental step by step, it is impossible to keep the foot, in fact, even Qi, Yan, Zhao three countries do not want to attack Qin, Qin Guo also It is impossible to stop the counterattack, let alone talk about Qi, Yan, and Zhao. The three countries also negotiated with the Xiongnu to discuss the timetable for attacking Qin. It is really a time to retreat. It is not impossible to pull Lu Zhe together to attack Qin. However, it is conceivable that the price to be paid is absolutely unaffordable. Before the situation has not completely deteriorated, they are willing to pay enough price, but what

obilizes the enthusiasm of Xi’an wedding car rental. He thinks that the capable person should have more work, and it is very easy to see what Wu Mei is doing. He will hand over the post office’s overall planning work to her, and the Xi’an wedding team will be the pickpocket. If you haven’t heard of Li Yuanying’s “Give me the letter of the Tang Dynasty, I can feel that he is a memorable post.” Wu Mei can’t take it as a play, and it is even more impossible for Li Yuanying to be lazy. Wu Mei and Di Renjie discussed a lot of ideas about the comprehensive laying of the post office. After a few days, they sorted out a very large plan to take and Li Yuanying discussed. Li Yuanying was a little sluggish. He just blew the bullshit, sometimes he didn’t know what the Xi’an wedding team was saying. Did they listen so seriously and efficiently? Sometimes it’s a worry for the little partner to be too capable. Ah! Wu Mei looked at Li Yuanying’s face and did not urge him. He only asked Li Yuanying to look at the plan. She also softly persuaded Li Yuanying: “It’s just a planning stage, and I’m not in a hurry to implement it. To spread to the whole country, it is not what we can do in Tengzhou. We can send the plan to the court and let them organize the Xi’an wedding car hire to do it. If they had a round of hands, Changan might have a Xi’an wedding car rental to sleep! Li Yuanying didn’t think so much. When he heard Wu Mei, he was relieved. Yes, he didn’t need his Xi’an wedding car team to do it. He threw it to his emperor to let his emperor worry. Li Yuanying immediately nodded and said: “No problem, I will see it. Wu Mei’s plan is quite well written. First, Li Yuanying’s words are touched and polished. I talked about the strategic significance of setting up a post office. What helps the people? Domestication helps to strengthen the contact between the localities. In short, Li Yuanying feels very reasonable. Yes, yes, he thinks this way, the post office is so important, it makes sense! The rest is three years.

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